a little bit crazy

now that I've covered- or at least introduced- the subject of Halloween on this blog, I can move on to more pressing matters.

I'm taking a big risk with the following post.

I'm risking that you will all think I have a slight mental imbalance. because this, my friends, is my Christmas wish list.

before your mind explodes with shock and possibly horror, understand two things; one, my mother asked me for one early this year, so I figured I'd go all out and have some fun with it. two, there's only so much a person can do with halloween. unless you want a post on my favourite candy...hmm...

and so, I present to you, my ridiculously overdone, categorized, very early Christmas list (with pictures!).

disclaimer: obviously I don't want ALL of these things, but they are some ideas for the completely clueless. plus, this was fun.

1. the Urban Decay anniversary palette (at Debenham's + Sephora)
2. a cute deer hat like this one! (if anyone wants to attempt, the pattern is here
3. knee-high black fringe boots- these specifically , or some very similar. 
4. MAC lipstick! favourite colours include vegas volt, show orchid, up the amp, + violetta
5. a purple velvet blazer like this one, or this one.

1. a stylish + practical camera bag from the lovely folks at Jo Totes.
2. Marc Jacobs Lola perfume
3. a flip camera (my camera is fabulous, but has no film setting!)
4. Hunter wellies- absolute necessity in UK. I'm now leaning towards violet.

I'm obsessed with every Topshop sweater, but these are my absolute favourites. I'm especially partial to the squirrels, and the red version of #3.

for my Modcloth wish list I just copied-and-pasted from the last wish list I posted- I still want the same things! see how good I'm being? I didn't buy any of these.

I have an Etsy wish list a mile long, but just one of these three beauties would be amazing. (really they should be on the pricey list, but this way it's more specific...)

more Etsy stuff! I always love jewellery as a present.

I miss my discount. :(
1. American Apparel pants are the only ones that actually fit me. I'm not being a brand ho, it's actually true. I really want a pair of high-waisted jeans.
2. tri-blend raglan in green!
3. this cardigan is wayyyy to expensive. should have bought it before I had to quit...
4. TIGHTS. oh my gosh, do I need tights. in black, columbia, red, and sangria. (yes those are the colour names. I remember them.)

Annie Greenabelle makes the prettiest, eco-friendly dresses ever. again, expensive...but hey, it's a wish list. you can get them for yourself (or me!) at the designer's website, or the black on is on Modcloth, and the other is at Topshop!

always a favourite of mine... these are just some suggestions. :)

can I be any clearer? a book you love, a book you think I will love, a book by Margaret Atwood... go crazy!

gift cards are underrated. I prefer ones from H&M, Chapters, and Starbucks. 

and that's all, folks! 
I know this loooong list may make me look more vain and material than having a style blog already might, but in all honesty, the thing I want most is to go home for Christmas. I want to see my friends and family and my city and enjoy every last minute of holiday goodness. I am SO excited, I couldn't care less if I got even one of those items above.

it sounds cliche, but I mean it one million billion percent. 


amberly said...

You are absolutely adorable Sarah! I love how you justify each thing, and hope you get tons of beautiful things on this list!! I admittedly have been thinking about my own Christmas list, and oh now I have great ideas!! :) And you remember the AA tight colors!! Columbia??

And yes, I agree, being with family and friends and somewhere familiar is a great feeling these days -- but it still feels so far away!! 70-ish more days, right?!

Sarah K. said...

haha yeah, I remember the colours! some of them were ridiculous... "wild dove" and "golden poppy" and "sangria" and the like...

73 days till my holiday begins! (but who's counting? oh wait... I AM.) :)