grand theft autumn

October arrives cool and crisp every year and brings with it possibilities of many fun and pretty things. coloured leaves, Thanksgiving (in Canada!), wooly scarves, apple picking, and all things pumpkin-flavoured. of course the biggest thing people tend to look forward to in October is its end- more specifically, Halloween.

growing up I never liked Halloween much. where I grew up it was always snowing by that point, and I always thought bags of candy I didn't even get to pick out myself was a poor reward for walking around in the freezing cold and talking to strangers. I was a bit of an introverted child. I was shy and didn't like to be paid attention to, so the idea of dressing in costume and asking other kids if I could trick-or-treat with them was terrifying.

my mother reconciled me to the holiday by letting me stay home to hand out candy to other kids, and offering me a box of halloween chocolate of my own choosing for my services. the last time I remember trick-or-treating I think I was in the fourth grade.

but, over time, I've come to enjoy lots of things about Halloween! I really like the dressing up, so much that my friends and I are known for throwing theme or costume parties for no reason. I also like classic scary movies- ie, ones that aren't actually scary. more creepy. and of course I still have an appreciation for chocolate. I mean, who doesn't love an excuse to dress as a movie character and scarf down mini-snickers bars while watching Hocus Pocus?

SO. over the past few years I have begun to appreciate the fun of Halloween. my costumes aren't always amazing, but man, are the parties fun! (and fyi, I prefer to make my costume, even if it turns out ridiculous.) here's what I've been the past few years...

Hit Girl! (from Kick-Ass) I love dressing up as characters I really like. sometimes it's hard to find a balance between recognizable and an original idea. but this one was fun.

a baby doll. this was for American Apparel halloween; we had to dress up using all AA clothes. I actually own all of this stuff... and the makeup was fun!

everyone's done it, but you can make it your own! I was a flapper. and it was fun to get to wear a pretty dress. 

again, everyone has to do this once; Audrey Hepburn/ Holly Golightly. for the record, I could definitely do a better job with this one now, but I do enjoy the pencil-as-cigarette. 

two costumes again this year, and this one is definitely one of my faves! I wasn't about to let short brown hair ruin my dreams of being leader of the Sailor Scouts...

we had a whole gang! we initially had all five of the original scouts, but two couldn't make it to the party due to illness... but we all made out costumes ourselves! (and that's Brando as Tuxedo Mask. stud.)

this Halloween I was studying in England for the semester, and the class decided to have a last-minute costume party cause no one had plans. Brandon happened to be visiting me at the time, so I borrowed his  coat and socks and went as a streaker

so that's my recent Halloween history! I'm excited about my costume for this year... and to see everyone else's. happy October everybody!

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Flashes of Style said...

Love your blog! You have such cute style <3



Unknown said...

I love seeing people's Halloween costumes! Such a fun post