falling leaves on the ground

the same sweater two outfits in a row... perhaps I'm getting the autumn lazies!

... I don't even think that's a thing. but it sure is easier to convince myself to stay curled up on the couch all day with a cup of green tea, when it's chilly and raining outside. so I guess that's the autumn lazies.

either way, seems every time I dress in a pretty outfit the weather disapproves and makes pictures pretty much impossible. but you haven't seen this dress yet- despite my wearing it around twice a week- so it works out fine. and I can't complain about the weather;  I had a fun-filled weekend.

all items- new look

six is my favourite number. that is why I decided to get a picture with it. I'm not sure why, but when I was little I always felt like doing things in multiples of two or three were lucky for me. so clearly six had to be the ultimate lucky number. then it eventually became my high school volleyball number, and voila- favourite number was born. 

I named her June. 

post coming tomorrow about Canadian Thanksgiving across the pond! happy Thanksgiving everybody!

little known fact: Canadian Thanksgiving actually predates the American holiday. yes indeed. even though Canada technically wasn't a country... but it was a colony, and traditionally the day was celebrated by first nations peoples at harvest time. so no, my friendly southern neighbours, we did not steal it from you! 

and frankly, I'm quite happy to have an excuse to eat a giant turkey dinner three months in a row, so why not celebrate both?

playing: moves like Jagger- maroon 5


amberly said...

You are so beautiful, Sarah....Brando is so lucky to have such a gorgeous creature for a wife :) And this dress in stunning on you! I love cowl necks -- I don't have a lot of boobage, so cowl necks make me feel more womanly...

And my 'June' is 8! My life was full of 8's, and fours...so 8 stuck! I like 6 as well :)

So glad you're still celebrating even though you're away from Canada! Happy happy Thanksgiving, eh! I hope ya'll eat something crazy and you'll share it with us...

Unknown said...

I love how you made that dress perfect for fall with the boots, tights, and comfy-looking cardigan. The colors in the dress are so pretty.

cartier said...
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Jana K said...

Wow, you look stunning. That is such a cute outfit. I am totally wishing those boots were mine!