blowin' in the wind

it was a particularly blustery day here in Aberdeen. I couldn't hold my skirt down long enough to get a sensible photo! Marilyn Monroe didn't need a subway grate, she should have just come to Scotland.

...not that Newfoundland is any better. wind-wise. it's better in other ways.

skirt, cardigan, + top- new look // tights- old! joe fresh, I think // shoes- primark 

this is another New Look outfit. there are actually a lot of things coming in for a/w11 that I really love! I'm on kind of a sweater/cardigan kick with a midi-skirt obsession. this outfit is proof. it seemed really matchy-matchy and plain at first, but I kind of really like it. coordination is appealing now and then, and I love the different textures. 

I guess autumn is officially here, but there hasn't been much of a change in weather. no colourful leaves just yet either. then again I'm never in the company of many trees... Aberdeen is the granite city, and I live in the centre! 

I love fall, but I can't help but wish for the next season... read; Christmas. is it loony that I'm excited for Christmas already? yeah, probably. but in case anyone is wondering, it's only 82 days away!!

...yeah, I went there. 

playing: wrecking ball- Amelia Curran


brando said...

You're some cute.

amberly said...

Thank you for the Christmas count-down -- I really had no idea it was that far off but I know those days will come and go quickly...I saw a tweet the other day that a girl I know is already listening to Christmas music!

I LOVE the matchy but chic styling of this outfit! Those shoes are amazing and I think a midi with a cardi looks absolutely fabulous! And the wind blown pictures add such life and drama to these photos! And oh yeah, your husband is adorable (see comment above) -- Hope New Look is treating you well!

Unknown said...

The colors in this outfit look great together! I'm kind of in love with your boots! They'll be perfect with so many fall outfits.