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my "let's do fun autumn stuff and take pictures of it!" plans keep getting rained out. every time I plan to go somewhere or to take outfit photos the weather makes it impossible. how do you people keep up a blog in bad weather??

anyway, Halloween is creeping ever closer and my costume is slowly coming together. not telling what it is yet! looks like I'll only get to dress up once this year, which is a change. but I have been thinking a lot about some easy costumes one might put together at the last minute.

Halloween can be hard on the wallet if you plan elaborate costumes, or if you just go with buying one (I prefer putting one together; much more fun and interesting). but there are simple costumes you can throw together out of stuff you would already find in your closet! or stuff you can at least wear again and won't spend years collecting dust in the back of your closet.

here are some of my ideas for easy, reusable costumes!

I watched 500 Days of Summer again the other night, and I just love her to pieces. it's not the most recognizable or elaborate costume, but it's a costume nonetheless! you'll need:
1. a pretty, pale blue dress (etsy)
2. matching hair bows (shopbop)
3. false lashes- it's all about Summer's eyes! (mac)
4. girly flats (modcloth)

probably the most stylish of all villains, Cruella is easily recognizable with the help of a little spray hair dye. and I personally haven't seen anyone dressed up as her in a bagillion years, so it's not overdone. you'll need:
1. a slinky black dress (asos)
2. a fur coat- which happens to be so chic right now (topshop)
3. long red gloves (any costume shop)
4. red pointy pumps 
5. hair dye

I love dressing up as literary characters, even if no one gets it! but I'm sure someone will guess that you're this childhood favourite. you'll need:
1. a sweet boater hat (etsy)
2. a blue swing coat- some pictures look more like a dress, but coats are great for cold Halloween nights (etsy)
3. a white peter pan collar (topshop)
4. a red ascot/bow/ribbon
5. ankle socks (american apparel)
6. black t-straps or mary janes (modcloth)
7. white gloves

how much do I love Mary Poppins? a lot. you'll need:
1. a white button-down blouse (etsy)
2. a longer black skirt (american apparel)
3. a grey/blue cropped blazer (etsy)
4. a black hat- add fake flowers yourself! (modcloth)
5. a red bow tie (american apparel)
6. a petticoat- for fun! (etsy)
7. black oxford heels (ruche)
bonus: carry an umbrella!

probably my strangest concoction, but it's fun and dramatic and people may not know who you are, but they will know you are in costume. (maybe...) you'll need:
1, 2, + 5. a crapload of necklaces featuring beads, lace, and cameo charms. chokers are a must. (modcloth + etsy)
3. Victorian booties, of course (modcloth)
4. a lacy black&white dress (modcloth)
6. some sort of Victorian head dress- a crown works too, obviously (etsy)
7. a black velvet bolero (etsy)

these are all just off the top of my head. I'm sure you could come up with a million costume ideas based on items you find in your own wardrobe. add a couple accessories, maybe some creative make-up, and you've got a Halloween costume you won't want to throw away. 

you might even use this as an excuse to finally buy that certain coat or dress you've had your eye on... which is okay too. 


playing: I put a spell on you- Bette Midler 


Unknown said...

These are such cute ideas! I'm really loving Madeline and Mary Poppins. I like that the pieces are reusable.

Ally said...

So cute love the boater hat x

amberly said...

Oooh I can't wait to see your costume!! These are original and so cute!!! Great ideas, Sarah! I would love to be Cruella Deville!

Unknown said...

I would love to be Madeline! I love the set you put together for the costume for her. I always thought she was so stylish!