the wonder of it all

the post after the jump contains copious amounts of photos. even for me. 
they're very nice. but very numerous.
you've been warned. 

there's been a short delay between my posts, but it's because I have a lot planned for the next little while! so many ideas that I hope will be as not-lame in reality as they are in my head.

sneak peek? you may have noticed that I've added a "shop my closet" link to my nav bar. the shop thing didn't go over so well last time but I figured I'd give it another shot. if nothing else it'll be a fun project. so that'll be up in the near future.

in the meantime I have one more set of photos to share from Barcelona. I mentioned the Sagrada Familia in my last post, and it deserves one all on its own!

it's the most beautiful man-made thing I've ever seen, hands down. I can't even explain how much the photos don't do it justice. and it's got a fascinating history, too; it's never been finished, so is in a state of constant construction. the plan is to be completely done in 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi (the original architect)'s death. pretty cool, right? he designed almost the entire cathedral knowing he wouldn't be alive to see it finished. the intention was that other talented architects would get the chance to contribute to the design and the whole building would be a monument of different artistic styles, traditional and modern.

but I can babble about Sagrada Familia all I want; it's not a fraction as good as actually being there.

the nativity facade // inside the axis (using architecture knowledge acquired in many long geography classes haha) // light shining through stained glass // me looking at it... // the passion facade // sitting outside

Brandon and I got the audio tours (see, learning nerds...) and tickets to go to the roof. I highly recommend both. the audio guide is really interesting and informative, and easier than waiting for a real guided tour to start. you also won't have to stand in a clump of tourists and crane your neck to try and see or hear what's going on. 

there was so much thought put into every pillar, every carving. every detail has meaning, and trust me, Sagrada Familia is extremely and intricately detailed. the nativity facade has hundreds of species of animals etched into it. every stained glass window represents a Christian ideal, or an event in Jesus' life. even the engineering behind structural elements like the pillars takes inspiration from creation. I wish you could buy the audio guide because there is too much trivia to remember!

detail on the central arch of the nativity facade // me + the sea turtle that holds up the church! // door with the Lord's prayer in a ton of different languages // stained glass window // ornate ceiling // did I mention it's also massive? // the alter area // the tree of life // spiral staircase // scripture on the doors // a structure "of harmonious light"

you don't walk to the top like in most places- there's a lift, and you buy tickets for a certain time that they operate it. so keep an eye on your watch! it's cramped quarters once you're up there, but you get amazing views of the city and of parts of the cathedral itself. there was no stone left undecorated. you can walk down, and it's not that far, but the staircase is very narrow and very dizzying! 

Barcelona from above! // the spires are decorated with colourful fruit // me + the city // on the way up!

I don't even know what else to say because, again, it doesn't do it justice. if you ever have the opportunity to go to Barcelona, DO NOT miss Sagrada Familia. go inside. for hours. you'll love it. 

dress- mango (the only clothing I bought on vacation! good job, me!) // bag- h&m // shoes- toms

playing- paris is burning- ladyhawke 

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amberly said...

This is stunning, Sarah! I hope to see it for myself one day, I've always heard about it and your photos are gorgeous!! I would be in awe, shocked and inspired after I left there! How interesting they are hoping it to be finished in 2026! It's been decades in progress...I almost wish it would never stop being constructed :)

And I must note your dress is beautiful! I great purchase and Mango is one of Spain's most-loved brands, no?

I've really enjoyed the photos you've shared and I can't wait to shop your closet!! <33