a whole new world

after Barcelona Brando and I took the party to Marrakesh, Morocco. it's somewhere I've always wanted to go; exotic and beautiful and totally different from anywhere else I've ever been. kind of like being in Aladdin... a lot like that, actually. that's what makes it so awesome. I kept picturing that scene where Jasmine sneaks out of the palace and goes to the marketplace, and the vendors are like "sugar dates! sugar dates and fiiigs! sugar dates and PISTACHIOS!!!"

near the square // getting lost in the souks // me + a chameleon! // kitty. they're everywhere in the old city // orange tree // Brando in the window

we spent the first day exploring the markets and souks around jemaa el fna ("the big square"), which was a culture shock in itself. I've been to Africa before, but it was nothing like this. everyone's a salesman, haha. and a tricky one. the souks are overwhelming- if you even slow down to look at a shop someone bombards you with greetings and invitations to "come look, good price, just to look." they're also really crowded and full of beautiful and interesting things. everything is so colourful, from the glass lanterns and the jewellery, to the pyramid mounds of spices. 

one guy who was particularly nice to us had two pet chameleons hanging out in his shop! he let us hold them. I bought some solid perfume from him- amber and rose. that's another thing; the souks are full of intense aromas. 

Brando + both chameleons! // the rest are from Bahia Palace

we also made our way to Palace Bahia, which is still used as a royal residence sometimes. it's beautifully and ornately decorated in Moroccan tiles and carvings. everything was so pretty and detailed!

all inside Bahia Palace

it was hot enough to melt yer face off. the rest of the trip we realized the common- and most logical- thing to do was go back and chill at the riad (hostel) during the hottest part of the day. which was a nice vacation in itself; we met lots of lovely fellow travellers and everyone hung out together in the afternoons. we also met the four awesome turtles that lived at the riad and roamed about freely on the roof terrace! the is the little guy...

me + the "wee one" // snacking on something...so cute! // from the palace // on the street near our riad // I am so in love with this dress from monsoon!

after the sun goes down it's the perfect temperature for exploring. and conveniently, the night market is just as exciting as the day! 

gorgeous lanterns in the souks // the night market

many more photos from Marrakesh to come later! such a fascinating place. 

playing: leave you in the morning- Chris Kirby


Anonymous said...

What an awesome post and pictures! This totally makes me want to go back to Granada! I am so sad I never made it across...

Elizabeth said...

Love your pictures! They are pleasing to the eye with the colors, scenes, and your dress helps make everything pop. If we were friends (or if I even knew you), I would have to know where you got your dress from so we could go shopping together. :)

Found you through ropcorn's Blog Hop. I hope you will pay mine a visit too. http://my2centswithagrainofsalt.blogspot.com/

ropcorn said...

Wow! Really amazing photos that show off Morocco beautifully. It was a true joy to read your post. Thanks so much for sharing!

(And thank you for joining my Blog Hop too. Much appreciated.)

Unknown said...

hey love! i love all of your travel pictures. your dress is perfect and i adore the ones of you behind the gate and with the turtle.

Unknown said...

ps. i could totally hear that guys voice in my head from the aladdin market place scene. haha.

brando said...

Some girl I got