take me to your beach

I'm back!

Brando and I are back from our pseudo-honeymoon. (I say "pseudo" cause, let's face it, we didn't plan for it to be all that romantic. but it was fun as hell.) I didn't get as many scheduled blog posts finished before we left as I'd have liked... but what are ya gonna do. of course everything was left for the last minute. it's how we roll.

first we were off to Barcelona, where the plan was to spend most of the 3.5 days there on the beach. of course we ended up doing way more than that, but the beach was definitely a highlight.

and not just because there were so many boobies about...
(seriously I feel like I was one of 10% of women on the beach with a top on. my question is at what geographical point does this become ok? can people in Barcelona walk around the streets topless because they're on their way to the beach? WHERE'S THE LINE PEOPLE? )

I have so many unintentional photos of breasts.

crop top- topshop // shorts- american apparel // sandals- primark // sunglasses- ??

it's funny that it's now September and I'm posting my first "summery" outfit. 

if I complained about the lack of sunshine in Aberdeen before we went away, I sure didn't on vacation. it was HOT. unbelievably hot. we read in the guide books before the trip that most people don't travel to Barcelona or Morocco in August because there's absolutely stifling heat. 

but I soaked up as much sun as I could and enjoyed it while it lasted. cause there's no more summer in Scotland. 

I'm trying to control myself and not bombard you with millions of pictures. I have so many amazing ones. I'll definitely be posting a lot about the trip in the next few days. 

in the meantime, I have a good ol' post-vacation cold (never fails), so I'm going to have some grape halls and go to bed. back to the daily grind for us love birds. 

peace. ♥

playing: casey jones- the grateful dead


amberly said...

Wow, that beach is beautiful! You look like SUCH an INCREDIBLE GORGEOUS BETTY in this post! The polka dot top with the green shorts (which make your body bangin') and then the retro purple swimsuit?! Gah! So jealous of your wardrobe!

And the picture of you and Brando is so cute -- I hope you did enjoy your time together and made plenty of memories! Can't wait to see more photos, and now I want a mojito on a beach... :)

Unknown said...

You look adorable in those shorts! I really love them. The color is perfect. Great beachy, summery pictures. It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Donna said...

Hm, it looks like you guys were busy - busy taking pictures and having a lot of fun at the beach. You're looking good there. I hope a post-vacation cold won't take away the fun from your pseudo-honeymoon.

-Donna Parsley