sittin' on the dock of the bay

day two in Barcelona was designated sightseeing day. 

while I love the idea of experiencing a culture and doing as the locals do, I must admit I have my cheesy tourist side. hey, I like to learn stuff on vacation. so I'm a bit of a nerd. so sue me.

we visited the cathedral, some modernist buildings, the palau de la musica, and the waterfront (where we went on to the aquarium, which you'll see later!)

dress- vintage fr. Babes in Vintageland on etsy // belt- suzy shier // flats- primark // bag- h&m

it probably seems like I'm focusing mostly on outfit pics right now... and that's because I am. I'm still too sneezy and runny-nosed to face the daunting task of selecting which actual vacation pictures to share. as soon as I feel up to it, don't you worry, you'll get another picture-heavy post dedicated to the beauty of Barcelona!

enjoy the sneak peeks. :)

playing: turning tables- Adele

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Unknown said...

You look wonderful in that dress and these pictures are all so beautiful! I love it