gone to the birds

sometimes my little, uneventful life seems so busy.

I didn't find the time to do my second Marrakesh post yesterday, but I was determined to do it today! however it is now very late indeed so there won't be much writing to accompany the photos as my brain seems to think it needs to be sleeping...

don't worry, there are a zillion more photos and better descriptions to come. this is mostly an outfit post, with lots of storks...

going to Badi Palace! // the entrance // giant stork nest

our second day of Marrakesh adventures brought us to the amazing Badi Palace. while it is a palace, it's nothing like Bahia, which you saw in this post; Badi is the remnants of what was once called "the incomparable palace." now it's basically ruins inhabited by the city's stork population. it is really cool.

in the courtyard // stork gatekeeper // courtyard again, better view // the pool // ditto // etc., etc... // a fearless duck- this is not zoomed in at all.

there are underground tunnels you can explore, and steps to the top of the wall where you're at eye-level with the storks. their nests are huge, and there are SO MANY. there are ducks too, and we also made a kitty friend. she (I say she, but I don't know- it seemed to have an indeterminable feminine quality...) was so friendly and cute and followed us around for a long time. we were carrying our water in a plastic bag, so that's probably what she was after (cats love bags), but we still thought it was cute.

kitty comes to visit // a new friend :) // relaxing by the pool... // stork lane // me + the birds // Marrakesh, from slightly above! // rare photo together

the view was really great too. probably the only place in the medina where you can kind of see a cityscape. (fyi- "medina" is just what they call the old part of town). it looks the way I'd always pictured it; earthy red, rooftop terraces, the occasional palm tree... plus a few satellite dishes!

dress- vintage fr. missing pieces on etsy // bag- shop in the souks! // sandals- h&m 

don't you just love this bag?! I didn't do much shopping on the trip, but a Moroccan leather bag was a must-have. I saw this one the first time we were in the souks and just had to have it! luckily we managed to find the shop again- no small feat when it's impossible not to get lost every ten steps. anyway, it has coins from different countries on it, and the centre stone contains rose petals. awesome, right??


ok time for me to go to bed. 

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Anonymous said...

awesome :)

amberly said...

Your dress is gorgeous and looks so amazing against the clay-red Badi Palace!! And I love your wrap sandals!!

The "rare photo" of you and your boo together is adorable, and how awesome to see storks frequenting the old Palace! And the little kitty!?! Sounds like such an adventure! These photos are great!!