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I don't really consider myself to be a "trendy" person. I never really pay too much attention to what's "in"  and don't stop wearing something just because it's "out." more often I'm actually deterred from specific trends because every single person on the street seems to be dressed the same. 

that being said, what I like about this decade in fashion is that it seems that trends are more inspirational suggestions than strict style rules. anything really does go! I remember in middle school when to wear skinny or high-waisted jeans would mean certain social mortification. now you can wear skinnies, boot-cuts, high-waist, low-rise, even wide-leg is getting popular again. and that's just pants. styles from all different eras show up in magazines and shops. if I've learned anything from talking to nostalgic old ladies in fitting rooms, everything in fashion comes back around. 

my point is, trends are more fun lately. and there are some fall trends that I'm particularly enjoying. since the majority are inspired by fashion from the 60s and 70s, you can find their vintage counterparts in second hand or thrift shops. 

so here are some trendy pieces I really like, and vintage versions you can easily find on Etsy. I definitely don't claim to be an expert on the subject of what's "in," but this is just a fun way to show how you can get previously-loved pieces that are as stylish as they are unique (and often economical)!

Topshop has about a million adorable sweaters that I'm dying for, and this polar bear one is near the top of the list. Etsy is giving them a run for their money; just type ski sweaters into the search bar and there are tons of cute, quirky knits! 

70s is making a big comeback this fall, and an iconic boho dress is essential. I covet pretty much any dress from Monsoon, but there are some beauties on Etsy that are the real deal.

this Zara coat looks much more chic in person, trust me. I've never been overly into the mod look, but there's something so sophisticated about monochrome and clean lines.
these Jeffrey Campbell beauts are ahhh-mazing, and fringe is such a fun detail. if you're looking for the same vibe at a fraction of the price, vintage boots are on-trend with original flare! these cobalt blue pair are especially awesome (and good for colour blocking...)

this is a case where the vintage version is more expensive then the new one. but if you're in it for the uniqueness of the piece or the economical & ethical benefits of buying used clothing, the point still stands! also, there are plenty of options out there, this blazer just happened to be one I liked the most. 
always trendy, depending on who you ask! animal print is apparently really "in" this season; snakeskin (which I can only handle is small, accessory-sized doses) and evidently dalmatian (surprise!) are big. I personally fell in love with these leopard shoes from Zara. and because leopard's been a popular print for so long, you can find it at almost any vintage shop.

bold prints were big on the runway, specifically in the Milly collection, which I absolutely love. the bright colours and interesting shapes are very retro-chic. 

note: some prices were converted from GBP, so they might not be exact. all shops for the vintage items can be found on Etsy using the search bar.

thanks for reading! more on Marrakesh tomorrow. 

oh, and there are just a couple items up in my shop. I renamed it to what, loosely translated, means "little closet" in French. sounded more cute and vintage-y. more stuff will be going up very soon. 


ps. it really bugs me that I spelled "kitschy" wrong, but not enough to re-make the collage. not right now, anyways. but I am aware of the mistake and apologize. :) nevermind.

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Such a great post! I always think it's fun to try to find the vintage pieces in thrift stores where they're super super cheap. I can find sweaters like that for less than a dollar a lot of times, I just have to look really hard!