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holla readers!

as most of you know I am currently honeymooning in exotic lands with my hubs of just five months. fear not! I have arranged for a few posts while I'm gone to keep your hunger for me at bay.

if these posts are not sufficient for your blog-reading needs, here are some suggestions I have of things far more interesting than anything I post here.

Elsie's DIY projects on A Beautiful Mess. especially this one on a cute lacy briefcase, and this one on an awesome art project!

Adored Austin's recent post "With Heart." read it. do it. you totally should. a must for shopaholics. and humans in general.

Last Night's Dinner posts by Jenloveskev! seriously, these things keep me and hubs alive. without them we'd only ever eat grilled cheese, chinese take-out, and boxes of kraft dinner sent in the mail from our moms. (check 'em out in the archives.)

Makeup Monday by Keiko Lynn. I will never be able to do makeup this well. she is amazing at it, and a very good teacher, but I am clearly retarded. because no attempt I make to copy her is ever more than half a step above a four year old playing dress-up. but I will always try, because darn it, it's so pretty!

Hyperbole and a Half. I wish I was this funny. or cool. seriously, I'm jealous. my current fave post is on cat safety. as a former victim of cat abuse I know all too well how accurate this is.

Brando started blogging again. it's about fitness and being healthy and all that crap stuff he studies at university. his blog is absolutely nothing like mine, so you should check it out.

now you have lots of reading to do. have at it!

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