summer days are gone too soon

heidi-ho bloggerinos.
I'm not entirely sure how to spell "heidi-ho" but that version seems phonetically accurate.

in case it hasn't come across so far on this blog, Aberdeen isn't exactly known for it's gorgeous summers. whenever a little sunshine seeps through the clouds I try and take full advantage. mind you it's still never that warm so full advantage just means taking a walk until it starts to rain again.

seriously, it rains every day. I'm thinking about moving to a desert when Brandon's done school.

this particular walk was after my interview with Topshop. this is what I wore to said interview. and fyi it was raining before we got back to our apartment.

blazer + shoes- topshop // dress- vintage fr. jumbelaya on etsy // tights- h&m

for the record, these are probably the cutest shoes I own. I want to wear them with everything. except that it turns out they are a beyotch to wear. I was so excited when I tried them on in the store and they were "sooo comfy..." 
oh well. it's not like I get to wear heels that often anymore. such a waste of 75% of my shoe collection, sitting lonely in my dark, still unorganized closet...

maybe that's why they hurt so much. I'm out of practice.
yes, yes I'll go with that. 
(also it totally bugs me that the t-strap was crooked the whole time, arg.)

playing: my sharona


amberly said...

Beautiful photos and I think your interview outfit is perfection!! A great use of Topshop with that fabulous Vintage dress :) OH& that blazer is a dream on you and it brightens up a dreary day!!

Best of luck, love!! My-my-my Shaaarona!

Unknown said...

You look so cute in your interview outfit! I love that pink dress and how wonderfully your shoes match it. I wish I could wear tights at this time of year!

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