it's what I want...

believe it or not, I haven't been doing much shopping lately... seems shopping requires you to have this thing called money. who knew.

but that doesn't stop me from ogling all the great new stuff stores are getting for fall (or from constantly browsing websites is some sort of masochistic ritual)!

here are some of my favourites from some of my favourite places to shop.

1. I don't need to inform you savvy style bloggers that colour blocking is way in right now... and I'm into yellow lately. 
2. I love everything by eco-friendly designer Annie Greenabelle! this dress is my fave.
3. classic and cute! I will definitely be needing sweaters for the glum Scottish weather.
4. shorts + tights are also back in a big way. and I will never stop loving polka dots.
5. favourite. thing. ever. SQUIRREL.
6. fantastic colours! I would wear this with black tights + black wedges for a mod look.

1. I'm willing my waist to shrink half an inch so that I can fit into this beauty. I've been wanting a white + purple floral sundress forever.
2. I actually want everything in this photo. props, styling team. love the belted blazer.
3. the next item up on my vintage "to buy" list. and it works for all seasons.
4. cropped black velvet jacket. I am so happy velvet is in again this fall! ♥ velvet.
5. I realized while packing I have very few dresses with short sleeves. this would fix that problem.
(*if any of you want the specific urls to find one of these pieces, shoot me an email/comment. I will never be able to own all of them, but I'd be happy to share them with you lovelies!*)

1. I really like the kimono version of this jacket, but there was no picture of it online. kimono jackets are so cool. you heard it here first, folks.
2. everybody needs a black pencil skirt. and I lost mine in the move.
3. burgundy hat! a must for fall.
4. loving the riding trend. this blazer would look great with skinny jeans + a chiffon button-down.
5. time for me to get some grown-up gloves. mittens just don't go with heels.
6. flat boots are going to be a wardrobe staple in chilly, cobblestoned Aberdeen.
7. and a pair in cognac brown, the best colour ever.

1. the dress I have been waiting to come back in stock for literally months. now it's back and I'm poor.
2. daisies are my favourite!
3. there's something I really like about this simple dress. probably the turquoise blue.
4. this dress is far to expensive, but I just love everything about it. not very "autumn-y", but I want it still.
5. heaps of love for circle scarves + purple!
6. been waiting on these babies for a while too. there's two pairs left in my size. please don't buy them.

(a whole wish list devoted to shoes. I'm that addicted.)
1. I will actually be needing these. it rains every. single. day. wellies are a national requirement.
2. I can't help it, I think these are awesome. they fill me with a desire to wear pink plastic jewellery and listen to David Bowie.
3. at least these look suitable for fall. vintage-look shoes are in, which is good for me because the heels are much more manageable!
4. I will never get sick of cute little booties. and I love the mustard colour.
5. I like sparkly things. sparkle sparkle.
6. my new obsession. I know the entire blogging world has a pair, but I'm allowed to give into a trend once in a while. especially when it's turquoise + jeffrey campbell.

now if any of you want to, you know, spontaneously send me a present for absolutely no reason... you have ideas of what to get me. 
love love.

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sunshine on a cloudy day

whenever I'm having a bad day- and there have been quite a few of those lately- its always the little things that get me through. little pieces of better times that I can turn to. 

travel plans, a kind message, Chinese take-out, CSI reruns, a cuddle, the token of a memory. 

this dress makes me smile for the same reason. it reminds me of good times had and good times to come. and great friends that I can always turn to. and that's always something to smile about!

dress- urban outfitters(a gift) // tights (yes, I am wearing them!)- american apparel // necklace- postlapsaria // shoes- seychelles

today we took a stroll around part of Brandon's university for our photos. this isn't the part he goes to, but it's prettier! 

sometimes I miss going to school. I miss wearing heels because I can sit most of the day. I miss the camaraderie that comes from a group of people all bitching about working towards the same thing. I miss feeling productive. I miss having the option to skip class and sleep in.

but then I remember how much I don't miss doing research, being graded, and feeling stupid. and then I stop missing school. 


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you're my favourite book

holla readers!

as most of you know I am currently honeymooning in exotic lands with my hubs of just five months. fear not! I have arranged for a few posts while I'm gone to keep your hunger for me at bay.

if these posts are not sufficient for your blog-reading needs, here are some suggestions I have of things far more interesting than anything I post here.

Elsie's DIY projects on A Beautiful Mess. especially this one on a cute lacy briefcase, and this one on an awesome art project!

Adored Austin's recent post "With Heart." read it. do it. you totally should. a must for shopaholics. and humans in general.

Last Night's Dinner posts by Jenloveskev! seriously, these things keep me and hubs alive. without them we'd only ever eat grilled cheese, chinese take-out, and boxes of kraft dinner sent in the mail from our moms. (check 'em out in the archives.)

Makeup Monday by Keiko Lynn. I will never be able to do makeup this well. she is amazing at it, and a very good teacher, but I am clearly retarded. because no attempt I make to copy her is ever more than half a step above a four year old playing dress-up. but I will always try, because darn it, it's so pretty!

Hyperbole and a Half. I wish I was this funny. or cool. seriously, I'm jealous. my current fave post is on cat safety. as a former victim of cat abuse I know all too well how accurate this is.

Brando started blogging again. it's about fitness and being healthy and all that crap stuff he studies at university. his blog is absolutely nothing like mine, so you should check it out.

now you have lots of reading to do. have at it!

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. . .
hi y'all
just wanted to say adios! me and hubs are off on our honeymoon to Barcelona & Marrakech. 
you won't be hearing much from me as I plan to keep away from computers (and near the beach) as much as possible. but I will surely have a buttload to say when we get back.
happy holiday to me!
so... adios!
. . .

around the world

Brando and I are just a few short days away from our fabulous honeymoon vacation! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. I've had my travel outfits picked out for weeks now. Spain and Morocco, here I come!

here are five other places I'm dreaming of going... and the dream outfits to go with them.

1. monsoon // 2. ollie & nic // 3. modcloth // 4. american apparel // 5. jeffrey campbell // 6. etsy

1. monsoon // 2. modcloth // 3. irregular choice // 4. topshop // 5. ollie & nic // 6. ruche

1. topshop // 2. asos // 3. h&m // 4. h&m // 5. jeffrey campbell

1. topshop // 2. american apparel // 3. ollie & nic // 4. jeffrey campbell // 5. american apparel

1. urban outfitters // 2. topshop // 3. jeffrey campbell // 4. coach // 5. etsy

which one is your favourite? where do you want to visit most in the world?

* all scenic photos from google image search. 
I did not take these!

got a night of nothing else to do

here's a quick little New Look outfit post!
quick because I've got a bottle of red wine and a Rent dvd calling my name...

tunic, cardigan, leggings, + floral flats- new look // head band- primark

I needed a cozy outfit for a dreary day, and this sweater is definitely cozy. even though this outfit is not what comes to mind as a really "me" look, it's my favourite New Look outfit that I have. it's comfy and cute, and I just love the crochet pattern on the top. 
too bad the coziness didn't extend to make the photos nicer; darn rain. 
oh well! see ya. 

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summer days are gone too soon

heidi-ho bloggerinos.
I'm not entirely sure how to spell "heidi-ho" but that version seems phonetically accurate.

in case it hasn't come across so far on this blog, Aberdeen isn't exactly known for it's gorgeous summers. whenever a little sunshine seeps through the clouds I try and take full advantage. mind you it's still never that warm so full advantage just means taking a walk until it starts to rain again.

seriously, it rains every day. I'm thinking about moving to a desert when Brandon's done school.

this particular walk was after my interview with Topshop. this is what I wore to said interview. and fyi it was raining before we got back to our apartment.

blazer + shoes- topshop // dress- vintage fr. jumbelaya on etsy // tights- h&m

for the record, these are probably the cutest shoes I own. I want to wear them with everything. except that it turns out they are a beyotch to wear. I was so excited when I tried them on in the store and they were "sooo comfy..." 
oh well. it's not like I get to wear heels that often anymore. such a waste of 75% of my shoe collection, sitting lonely in my dark, still unorganized closet...

maybe that's why they hurt so much. I'm out of practice.
yes, yes I'll go with that. 
(also it totally bugs me that the t-strap was crooked the whole time, arg.)

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