you're a map of a place

well hello there!
apologies for my unintentional absence; we went to Ireland for a long weekend (!!) and had no internet access. I didn't really plan ahead. 
I did do a photo-an-hour post when we flew out on thursday... but of course I couldn't post it.
so here it is now!

6am. up & at 'em! soooo sleepy.

7am. catching the bus to the train station.

8am. on the train, Edinburgh-bound! (it was quite the journey to get to the airport...)

9am. view from the train window. reminds me of home.

10am. is it too early for soda?

11am. trains should all be in black and white.

12pm. the ridiculously long check-in line. oh ryanair, how you have changed...

1pm. on zee plane, finally! the pictures get better from here.

2pm. hello, Ireland.

3pm. a new country stamp for my passport. I love when that list grows longer.

4pm. Irish hospitality from Niall & his mum. yummmm.

5pm. enjoying the garden.

6pm. boys will be boys, and boys will have a cold one.

7pm. more food! dee-licious.

8/9pm. went to see Transformers... for the second time. yes, I enjoy robot aliens that much.

10pm. movie's out. heading back to Niall's for some r&r.

11pm. bedtime! and how amazing are these pretty, old-fashioned key locks?

more about Ireland tomorrow, and I'll continue with my little Mad Men series too! next up.. Peggy.
...betcha thought it would be Betty, huh?


Unknown said...

I'm so jealous! I loved going to Ireland last year and want to go back so badly. Great pictures!

amberly said...

A great post!! Looks like quite the journey but a wonderful pay off :)