the simplest thing

I took a little break from blogging the last few days to de-stress. it wasn't really planned, just kind of happened.

I'm never really sure how personal this blog should be, so let's just say I've had a rough week. we were supposed to move into a new apartment. it didn't work out. we're temporarily homeless. that's it in a nutshell.

but! I'm trying to think positively about everything that's going on, so I'm just gonna breeze right past that stuff and share an outfit with y'all.

now that I'm done bombarding you with pictures from Ireland I can get back to my little Mad Men series. this is the part where I wear my interpretation of looks for each leading lady. first up is Joanie!

skirt + blouse- h&m // back-seam stockings- american apparel // flats- primark

I went for Joan's signature vibrant, beehived secretary look. bright pencil skirt, trendy blouse (although I doubt Joan would wear polka dots- I work with what I've got, people) and matching shoes. 

I thought the back seam added a nice little detail since the 60s didn't really call for tights, but the weather here does. and I must admit, I am pretty pleased with myself about the hair. I like how it turned out. took a lot of effort though, haha.

alrighty then. I'm pretty exhausted. I'll be recreating Peggy next, so hopefully some of her drive and tenacity will rub off on me. I could use a little Peggy Olson spirit these days!

goodnight. ♥

playing: welcome- hey rosetta!


Unknown said...

You look awesome! I really love your hair. I have a thing for those types of hair styles. If only there were more occasions to wear them now! The red skirt looks great with the polka dot blouse too. And the backseam tights are so cool.

Unknown said...


brando said...

This is one of my favourite outfits you wear.

amberly said...

Even though this outfit was inspired by the 60's, you used modern pieces and it really is timeless!! Your hair is AMAZING and I was hoping you would say it was easy-peasy, and I know I could never produce such awesome-ness :)

Best of luck with everything going on, love. Remember there is always a silver lining, and hopefully the best, most perfect apartment/opportunity will come along, all for the better!! <33