shine shine shine on

on day three in Ireland we voyaged outside the city to Howth, a quaint little fishing village. I wanted to see some Irish countryside, and this is the closest we could get while staying in Dublin. it was a really fun day! the weather was sunny and Howth was charming and the scenery was beautiful.

oh, and the seafood was fantastic- coming from a Newfie that's sayin' something.

I didn't really realize how much there was to do in Ireland... or how spread out it all was! there's so much left that I want to see; castles, the Blarney stone, the cliffs of Moher. I would definitely reccommend it, especially if you've got truly excellent Irish pals to go stay with!

bodysuit + disco pants- american apparel // blazer- h&m // hair clip + flats- primark

I thought it appropriate to wear something green whilst in the Emerald Isle, so I thought I'd break out the shiny american apparel clothes. thong body suit and tight vinyl pants- I was unprepared for the hot day and the inevitable velvet wedgies. 


but really, I bought the bodysuit despite my aversion to thong underwear because it is pretty as hell, and the pants are actually very comfortable. just so you know.!

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Unknown said...

I really want to go around and see more of Ireland too. All of these pictures look so amazing. I really love your cute outfit too! The blazer and high-waisted pants are super cool together!