movin' on up

I'd like to thank you guys who left sweet and encouraging comments on my last post.
it may sound silly, but sometimes it's nice to know someone out there knows how you feel. even if it's a couple of people from cyberspace who know just the little vague bits you tell them.

and things are looking up a little! at least in the apartment situation- we've actually found one! a nice one, at that. we have to buy a couple things to complete it, but it's a great location and really cute AND has a dishwasher. so things worked out pretty well. 

I've been a little busy sorting that out, and of course working, so I don't have a Peggy look for you today. but I do have an outfit to share from last week. and yes, I am actually going to get rid of these shoes. 

blazer + crop top- topshop // pleated pants- american apparel // head scarf- modcloth // shoes- dolls fr. solestruck

thanks for visiting! ♥

playing: back to black- amy winehouse (rip)

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Unknown said...

I love how retro and sweet this outfit is. The top looks great tied up like that and it's an awesome color too. I love the scarf tied in your hair too!