it's a mad world

last but not least in this little Mad Men homage, the iconic Betty Draper.

Betty's the type of character that friends have arguments over- you either love her, or you hate her. but I haven't met a fashionista yet who wouldn't die to raid her closet of floral dresses, cardigans, and petticoats.

Betty is the quintessential 60s housewife, in appearances if not in actions. always prim, proper, and pretty, she sticks to nipped-in waistlines and pastel florals. her style is the more lady-like and sophisticated of the "Mad" women, elegant in the exact opposite way that Joan is.

this post is a little different from the last two in that January Jones doesn't take as many cues from her alter-ego as her costars do. in fact, off screen she rarely emulates a Betty Draper-like style and is more the sultry siren type.

always eye-catching, January tends to choose bold, sexy numbers for the red carpet. she must be a fan of dressing up, because as the most frequently photographed of the Mad Men actresses in her day-to-day life (my google searches found more pictures of her walking in LA than in Betty Draper garb), she appears to go pretty casual most of the time.

casual, yet still sleek and sophisticated. maybe there's a little Betty in there after all.
a saucy version, as her many men's magazine covers would imply...

if saucy minx isn't so much your style, here's some ways you can sneak a little of the ex-Mrs. Draper into your wardrobe!

another Modcloth beauty, worthy of a 1960s garden party hostess.

I have recently discovered that I LOVE all Monsoon dresses. here are just a couple to bring out your inner Betty. pair them with a collared cardi or chic coat. 

a Betty Draper masterpiece from Etsy

I guess that's it! I've covered the leading ladies of Mad Men, but all of the women on the show are exquisitely dressed. it's very fashionably inspiring. even if you check out an episode for the clothes, I'm sure you'll get hooked for more reasons than that. 

I can't wait for season five!

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Unknown said...

I really do love all of her beautiful dresses. I've decided when I'm done with college and have a real job I'm getting a ton of pretty dresses to wear to work. Might as well look nice and have fun doing it if I'll be a working girl!

brando said...

Hey lady, your hubs has starting blogging again. Got any tips for me?