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before I bombard you with photos from my Ireland trip, I'll continue with this little Mad Men series of mine.

next on the list is spunky Peggy Olson. Peggy often gets overshadowed in the style department by Joan and Betty, but besides being a fantastic character, she is, as Don once said, "cute as a button."

Peggy shares Joan's professional style with less sass. she's more reserved in her fashion choices and doesn't seem as concerned with appearances as most of the women on the show, but nonetheless has a style all her own. 

Peggy is the character that has the most variety in her outfits. she goes from fitted silhouettes and plaid to bright colours and full skirts. her style is simple, but feminine, almost girly. think ascot blouses, pleats, and buttons.

I think you can attribute Peggy's mish-mash style to the conflict between her feminine self and her career ambitions. not uncommon for a gal of her era, I'm sure. whether in the office or out with friends she has a look that is accessible and adorable. 

Elizabeth Moss isn't exactly known as a fashion icon, but you'll find she always looks as fabulous as her Mad Men costars. in fact, her style choices echo Christina Hendricks'; flattering fits, classic looks, and effortless poise. but she's no copy cat fashionista. Elizabeth favours flowy dresses and fabrics and a slightly more contemporary look off-camera. 

I personally think Peggy/Elizabeth is an attractive lady. she's not the standard, generic hottie, but she has incredibly striking features and makes great fashion choices. she is consistent and unique, and I think that makes her an inspiration for those of us who feel like we get outshone by the Joans and Bettys of the world.

see? adorable. 

here are some Peggy-approved pieces you can make your own. 

obviously Modcloth is a great source for any vintage style.

a cute, girly dress from Etsy for summertime Peggys!

you can find a lot of pussy-bow blouses at New Look right now. this one is a particularly pretty shade.

Asos has some gorgeous midi skirts, like this fun little number. pair them with the pussy-bow blouses and you'll be the office cutie. 

and that's it for Peggy! next up is Betty, the classic 60s housewife. stay tuned!

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Sierra and Elaine said...

love mad men<3333

Unknown said...

Very cute post. I love her variety in outfits and all the ascot blouses. Great suggestions on how to create a Peggy-inspired look!