all the right moves

I finally have the next Mad Men post for y'all! (why do I keep saying y'all lately? don't know, just seems to work in print.)

this is my Peggy Olson outfit. I actually wore it last week with the intention of posting it much sooner, but the weather was crap and not so good for photo-taking. so here we are.

this is one of two gorgeous dresses I got one Christmas from Leproust Vintage (I miss her blog!). I wore this one a few times, then kinda felt like it looked a little overwhelming, and sort of child-like. which apparently I am very much into right now. I recently fell in love with it all over again, which just goes to show I'm right- getting rid of clothes is never a good idea, because someday you will love it again and want it back!

anyways I think it's a perfect Peggy dress; plaid, collared, a-line, and cute!

dress- vintage // tights + belt- american apparel // hat- new look // jacket- primark // shoes- aldo

Peggy might not wear this particular hat, but she does seem to enjoy hats in general. and the jacket reminded me of her as well. add a pair of simple heels and fresh-faced make-up and there you have it! the 60s, Peggy style. well, Peggy, Sarah style. 

other news of note- all the positivity paid off! we have a new, even better apartment in the city centre, and it's going to be cute & cozy when I'm finished with it! we're so relieved. and happy to have a view like this...

I think we live in the only building taller than four storeys for miles.
thanks for all your good thoughts!

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amberly said...

You are beautiful Sarah!! That hat is amazing, and the dress with the coat!! And you're so so lucky to have so many amazing pictures! I'm not a Mad Men watcher, but I love the style you've captured in this series!! You are such a timeless beauty!

That view is simply gorgeous! I saw a bit of it while I was reading, and I thought it was from a film, I can't believe it will be the view of your new apartment! Congratulations on your persistent-positivity! I am so happy for the two of you, and can't wait to see how you make it a home <33 Still sending you good vibes, love!

sartoriography said...

You're right, that dress is very Peggy! I love the plaid and how perfectly accessorized it is with those grey heels. And even if Peggy wouldn't choose that hat, I'm glad you did. It's adorable.

Unknown said...

That dress is absolutely amazing! I love the color and shape and it looks so nice on you. The jacket is perfect with it too.

Kyla said...

Oh, oh, oh! This post is making my hear flutter, even though I've already seen several times! The outfit, the photos, the hat and THAT JACKET - it's all just so perfect and has me heartsick for fall. LOVE! P.S. The new blog layout looks great, too!