all the right moves

I finally have the next Mad Men post for y'all! (why do I keep saying y'all lately? don't know, just seems to work in print.)

this is my Peggy Olson outfit. I actually wore it last week with the intention of posting it much sooner, but the weather was crap and not so good for photo-taking. so here we are.

this is one of two gorgeous dresses I got one Christmas from Leproust Vintage (I miss her blog!). I wore this one a few times, then kinda felt like it looked a little overwhelming, and sort of child-like. which apparently I am very much into right now. I recently fell in love with it all over again, which just goes to show I'm right- getting rid of clothes is never a good idea, because someday you will love it again and want it back!

anyways I think it's a perfect Peggy dress; plaid, collared, a-line, and cute!

dress- vintage // tights + belt- american apparel // hat- new look // jacket- primark // shoes- aldo

Peggy might not wear this particular hat, but she does seem to enjoy hats in general. and the jacket reminded me of her as well. add a pair of simple heels and fresh-faced make-up and there you have it! the 60s, Peggy style. well, Peggy, Sarah style. 

other news of note- all the positivity paid off! we have a new, even better apartment in the city centre, and it's going to be cute & cozy when I'm finished with it! we're so relieved. and happy to have a view like this...

I think we live in the only building taller than four storeys for miles.
thanks for all your good thoughts!

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moonlight desires

I really want these crazy jeans...

and this skirt...

and these minty-green shoes...

darn my empty wallet. 

photos fr. lookbook and chictopia
skirt- romwe
shoes- romwe

movin' on up

I'd like to thank you guys who left sweet and encouraging comments on my last post.
it may sound silly, but sometimes it's nice to know someone out there knows how you feel. even if it's a couple of people from cyberspace who know just the little vague bits you tell them.

and things are looking up a little! at least in the apartment situation- we've actually found one! a nice one, at that. we have to buy a couple things to complete it, but it's a great location and really cute AND has a dishwasher. so things worked out pretty well. 

I've been a little busy sorting that out, and of course working, so I don't have a Peggy look for you today. but I do have an outfit to share from last week. and yes, I am actually going to get rid of these shoes. 

blazer + crop top- topshop // pleated pants- american apparel // head scarf- modcloth // shoes- dolls fr. solestruck

thanks for visiting! ♥

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the simplest thing

I took a little break from blogging the last few days to de-stress. it wasn't really planned, just kind of happened.

I'm never really sure how personal this blog should be, so let's just say I've had a rough week. we were supposed to move into a new apartment. it didn't work out. we're temporarily homeless. that's it in a nutshell.

but! I'm trying to think positively about everything that's going on, so I'm just gonna breeze right past that stuff and share an outfit with y'all.

now that I'm done bombarding you with pictures from Ireland I can get back to my little Mad Men series. this is the part where I wear my interpretation of looks for each leading lady. first up is Joanie!

skirt + blouse- h&m // back-seam stockings- american apparel // flats- primark

I went for Joan's signature vibrant, beehived secretary look. bright pencil skirt, trendy blouse (although I doubt Joan would wear polka dots- I work with what I've got, people) and matching shoes. 

I thought the back seam added a nice little detail since the 60s didn't really call for tights, but the weather here does. and I must admit, I am pretty pleased with myself about the hair. I like how it turned out. took a lot of effort though, haha.

alrighty then. I'm pretty exhausted. I'll be recreating Peggy next, so hopefully some of her drive and tenacity will rub off on me. I could use a little Peggy Olson spirit these days!

goodnight. ♥

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shine shine shine on

on day three in Ireland we voyaged outside the city to Howth, a quaint little fishing village. I wanted to see some Irish countryside, and this is the closest we could get while staying in Dublin. it was a really fun day! the weather was sunny and Howth was charming and the scenery was beautiful.

oh, and the seafood was fantastic- coming from a Newfie that's sayin' something.

I didn't really realize how much there was to do in Ireland... or how spread out it all was! there's so much left that I want to see; castles, the Blarney stone, the cliffs of Moher. I would definitely reccommend it, especially if you've got truly excellent Irish pals to go stay with!

bodysuit + disco pants- american apparel // blazer- h&m // hair clip + flats- primark

I thought it appropriate to wear something green whilst in the Emerald Isle, so I thought I'd break out the shiny american apparel clothes. thong body suit and tight vinyl pants- I was unprepared for the hot day and the inevitable velvet wedgies. 


but really, I bought the bodysuit despite my aversion to thong underwear because it is pretty as hell, and the pants are actually very comfortable. just so you know.!