we've been searching these serpentine streets

...for the signs of a spark.

. . .
this weekend I have:

stayed up all night
gone to the movies twice
drank red wine
slept past noon
watched mad men from my bathtub 
had about ten cups of green tea
gained 40 points in online scrabble
been sick, sad, angry, overwhelmed
been loved
made a new friend
wore the same shirt twice
done nothing I planned
. . .

blazer + shirt- topshop // velvet skirt + tights- american apparel // shoes- schuh // bag- guess, gift fr. mom

this may be my new favourite outfit. velvet + mint green + sparkly rainbow shoes. I feel like a cotton- candy Dorothy.

hope your weekend is swell. 

playing: yer spring- hey rosetta!


Unknown said...

I'm loving your velvet skirt so much! It looks great with the striped top. I also love the contrasting colors of your purple top with the green blazer. Amazing sparkly shoes too!

amberly said...

These photos are amazing!!!!!!!! They always are :) Your shoes are so wonderful as well as your skirt, and that crisp white blazer is really the icing on the little cake you are :)

Its nice to enjoy your weekends for what they ought to be: nothing planned, relaxation and doing what you truly love <33