tired old soul

oh dear. blogging can be such hard work!

I had been planning on getting a blog makeover from the lovely ladies at Freckled Nest designs, but due to recent unforeseen expenses... I can't really afford it. and I really suck at techie stuff. especially html. but I tried to do some stuff by myself anyway, and while I think it worked out rather well, it took me quite a while. I changed my blog post titles using this tutorial and changed my background.

next is my header, which I will save till tomorrow cause I am pooped!

dress- primark // cardigan- h&m // tights- smart set // flats- forever 21 // bag- costa blanca

and with that, I'm off to dreamland.

playing: janglin'- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros


Unknown said...

I think your blog makeover looks really nice! That dress is absolutely adorable. The color is so pretty!

Kyla said...

That dress looks AWESOME on you! I love the new blog design, too. Great job!

amberly said...

absolutely gorgeous photos and outfit, love!!! you are simply divine!!