taking care of business...

I got the job!!

I'm so relieved. finally, some income! I haven't worked in three months. starting monday, I am officially employed at New Look. they have some cute things and I get a 50% discount, which is nice because, like AA, you have to wear only their clothes to work. 

in honour of my new position, I thought I'd browse the website and share a few things I might be purchasing in the future! (since I currently own zilch from new look...)

all items from New Look

it's no dream job, but money is money. and they'll let me do some travelling. I've decided that's really what this year is going to be about for me; going new places, flitting off to Ireland for the weekend, seeing concerts in Glasgow. so what if it takes me another year to become a "real" journalist? maybe I'll actually have something to say by then. 

anyways, that's my good news!
wish me luck.

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amberly said...

Congratulations Sarah!! Everything you have listed here is beyond adorable!! Those floral oxfords are so you! And that Peter Pan Collar dress! :) Can't wait to hear about New Look, and all the opportunities it will open up for you!

I am also an 'aspiring journalist' but haven't done didily-squat with it, but I really think blogging is a chance to flex our writing muscles and still exercise our journalism skills :) The right fit for us will come along, maybe even in a blog form -- which, you'll be perfect at! <33

Crystal Card said...

Those are some nice options, I'm sure you can make anything look super stylish, wouldn't matter where you were required to shop.

Have you tried writing a few things and submitting them in a 'freelance' kind of way. You could prob earn yourself some 'street-cred' and maybe a little dough? Actually, I think if you pitch your adventures/travel to a local newspaper you could get yourself a little column. They're prob in desperate need of new material, and with your own photos, I think you'd be a shoe-in (they love photos).

Crystal Card said...

oh, as in local, I mean NL. ha.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the new job! All of these pieces are really cute. I love the floral oxfords and that awesome beachy-printed shirt at the bottom.