summertime blues

I am absolutely pining for summer. Aberdeen has yet to display any semblance of the season; pleasant warmth and sunshine are still very rare. I'm from Newfoundland, so I guess I shouldn't complain- we aren't exactly known for our lovely weather- but I feel like summer. 

I want too-hot afternoons and lazy sunbathing and days spent in the park and popsicles and freckles on my shoulders and swimming just to cool off. 

I want to go somewhere devastatingly warm. 

dress- forever 21 // blazer- zara // belt- suzy shier // tights- american apparel // wedges- fr. twisted sisters // necklace- bridal shower gift

it may look warm and sunny in these pictures, but it was mostly windy and cool. oh camera, how you lie. 

this is what I wore to my first job interview in Aberdeen! exciting. it's no big deal, just a retail job, but I need funds asap... so I reeeeeally hope I get it. cross your fingers, please!

I went slightly more...neon than I've been going for lately. right now I'm all about airy pastels (again, must be an innate longing for summer heat) but I couldn't resist going a little 80s with this amazing hot pink blazer! I like how electric-popsicle it looks with the blue dress. which, by the way, is made from the weakest material ever. I've already had the seams re-stitched because the fabric was tearing away from the thread and now, after just one more wear, it's happening again. forever 21, you hand out some gems, but this is not one of them.

on the other hand, these may be my new favourite shoes ever. they proved their awesomeness when the buses in the city centre were cancelled after my interview (shouldn't they tell you that in advance? especially when you're buying a day pass?). I made the 45 minute walk home with little more than a mild ache in my feet. moral of the story is, wedges are my friends, buses are not.

playing: last day of magic- the kills


faeriewboots said...

Come to Texas. It's 100 degrees and humid as all humid! Love your blog!

KaNini's said...

You're blazer is adorable! Love how you styled it!

Unknown said...

That pink blazer is so so cool with your blue dress! Great mix of color and an adorable look