sleepless long nights, that is what my youth was for

wow, I guess it's been a while!
sorry for the accidental hiatus- it's been a busy couple of days with very little sleep. but I had a very fun weekend! hope you all did too.

even though I won't get my first paycheck till the end of July (monthly payment? what?) I made my first New Look purchase. it was a dress that was on mega-sale. I started to feel pretty bad wearing outfits from anywhere but New Look, so I thought I should get at least one thing that I liked... the dress actually reminded me of Barcelona!

these photos are from friday night. after working all week for the first time in months, I just wanted to take it easy on the weekend. friday was pretty chill, Brando and I just hung out at home and I'm pretty sure I took a nap right before we went out to get these pictures... I actually think the nighttime photo shoot turned out pretty well! I was skeptical about the lighting, but it doesn't get completely dark here till around 11 anyways. this was at about 10.

dress- new look // tights- we love colors // flats + (old)scarf- primark // hair bow- american apparel 

we spent saturday easting Asda pizza and asparagus, watching Mad Men, and drinking red wine. fantastic. then we went out to meet up with a few friends and had a blast. it was a very good weekend indeed. I need more like this. 

happy monday!

playing: 1-2-3-4 - Feist


Unknown said...

Such a cute little dress! I love the bow in your hair and these evening shots are great.

Caterina Pinzarrone said...

Uh la la, so feminine :) I really like your style and the fact that you always wear dresses.
I discovered your blog from Chictopia when I fall in love with your wedding picture :)

KaNini's said...

You look absolutely cute! And you bow is the perfect touch to this look! :)

Fashion Addict said...

This is really a great dress and I think you look wonderful in it! And I really like your tights!