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this past weekend was the Scottish Highland Games in Aberdeen. yes, it really is like you picture; large men in skirts, throwing heavy things. that's the gist of it.

we met up with some friends and walked around a little and hid from the rain. it was cold, but fun!

there were LOTS of people wearing kilts and playing the bagpipes. and a guy carving bears with a chainsaw(not quite sure what that has to do with anything...). and little Scottish fling dancers that I didn't get a picture of... I say little because they were children. not because they were midgets. or little people. 
moving on. 
and I got to hold a barn owl! CUTE.

I wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion, I guess. considering it rained, and most people there were wearing jeans. but when do I ever dress for the occasion, really?

dress- h&m // tights- american apparel // cardigan- primark // shoes- aldo

a few notes on these pictures:

1. I must say I'm quite dismayed at my recent tendency in photos to not have a chin... what has happened to it? I've stopped eating fast food, chin, now you have to stick around. otherwise I'm becoming one of those people whose faces are just extensions of their neck. 

2. sorry about the stain on my knee. I was kneeling in wet grass to get a photo. 

3. I really need some new american apparel tights. I love them. they're expensive, but by far my favourite. I love welovecolors too, but it seems like their darker colours aren't as stretchy as the pastels. and since I've put on a few pounds in the thigh area they're getting a little...fall-downish. maybe I should just spring for the microfibre kind and give them a go? either way I have far too few colours left in my hosiery collection.

that's all from me! I'm a working lady now so I have to get to bed at a sensible hour. meaning before 4am. 

playing: someone like you- Adele (it's on nonstop.)


Anonymous said...

Honestly, theres nothing like men in kilts haha

I'm so in love with the dress and the tights. the colors look great on you!

Unknown said...

YOU SAW MEN IN KILTS!...I mean, it's obvious, you're in Scotland in all, but real, live, burly, Scottish men-in-kilts!

YOU HELD AN OWLIE! Super cute!

Looks like it was a fun day! :D

Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm not sure what bear carving means either, but it's pretty cool! I love your outfit too. Those saddle shoes are wonderful; especially with the colorful tights!

Borjana said...

I'm in love with your romantic outfit,gorgeous!The dress is beautiful and styled with blue tights and those amazing shoes-perfection!