well, unfortunately that little blog improvement didn't happen today... I'm still figuring things out. and it was also an absolutely gorgeous day here, so after some job-hunting and apartment-searching I had to wander outside.

but in lieu of newly-photoshopped outfit shots, today I want to share with you what has quickly become an obsession and a vice; the etsy vintage dress.

I've been a lover of vintage for quite some time, but recently I've been browsing and noticing the most perfect and exquisite dresses- dresses I dream of, dresses that would make the stylists on Mad Men cry with joy. the part that makes me cry, however, is usually the price tag.

from swaneegrace 

not that you can't find gorgeous vintage dresses for a good price; I have several! but some of these beauties are upwards of $300. breaks my heart. I mean, when did it become okay for old dresses to cost more than new ones? I understand the idea of "antique" but come on! $300. it's not vintage Chanel or something.

another problem I tend to have with vintage dresses is that their teeny-tiny. I mean, 25-inch waist? not me. and I consider myself a normal-sized person. where did all these miniature people come from??

1. from melsvanity 2. from BellaBlonde 3. from allencompanyinc

anyway, regardless of heart-breaking potential, I thought I'd share some of my favourites. I keep their pretty pictures in hope that someday I'll find an affordable alternative. but for now they're just achingly pretty.

how much would you pay for one of these babies?

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jess said...

So pretty. I love the yellow floral one.