lets go get lost

as promised, here are some photos from my weekend in Inverness.
of course I took hundreds, so these are just from day one. eeek!
and a few outfit shots thrown in for good measure.

dress- forever 21 // blazer- h&m // tights- american apparel // flats- primark // necklace- fr. twisted sisters boutique

1. arriving at the train station
2. pretty blue flowers
3. our adorable b&b!
4. lovely present on the pillow
5. chillin' at Inverness castle
6. hellooo? MacBeth?
7. purely an outfit shot haha
8. St. Andrew's cathedral
9. unicorn!
10. a foot bridge over the river Ness
11. a pretty door
12. closer...
13. charming Inverness

so as you can see I'm experimenting a little with my blog aesthetics... mostly fooling around with photoshop, getting familiar. so far it's great fun, actually! very time-consuming though... 

and then there's the simple photo-size change. I kind of like getting a better look at the details. but what do you think, are they a little too big? 

I'm trying to make "the ocean in your bedroom" a little more visually appealing!
baby steps.

playing: ballad of casey jones- the grateful dead (stuck in my head foreverrr)


Unknown said...

I like the photo size change. I don't think it's too big. Editing is a lot work, but it looks good, whatever you're doing! :)
Cute dress/outfit by the way and pretty trip.
Love you!

KaNini's said...

Oh, love how you tsyled that dress with some purple tights! Great look!

Unknown said...

Those purple tights are so fun with your cute navy dress! Great pictures! I think the size works really nicely.

amberly said...

What a beautiful place!! I love how you have a list of memories from the trip :) I always do that with my boyfriend too... I can imagine what arriving at the train station and closer... could mean! So glad you're enjoying everything around you and the photos are great!! Your photog, editing and size is perfect -- they deserve to be large!! <33

prettygeeky.com said...

wow, such lovely architecture there! You are super cute with those purple tights.