in your head

these are another pair of shoes that I have no idea why I keep.
other than, of course, that they're freaking adorable and seem to go with absolutely everything.

but seriously, they KILL my feet! I mean I am not the best at walking in heels, I am the first to admit it, but these are wedges for cryin' out loud. I should be able to make a quick trip to the grocery store without feeling my ankles crumble inside of me.

I almost got rid of them. almost. I had them left at my parents house all autumn & winter, waiting for the next garage sale. but I kept putting together all these cute little outfits and all I could think was, "what would really make this a killer outfit is those white wedges."


I feel like women continuously put on high heels for the same reasons they are capable of giving birth more than once; their psyche instinctively forgets the pain. 

dress- topshop // jacket- primark // tights- we love colors // belt- american apparel // shoes- dolls, via solestruck

this is actually an outfit from a few days ago, but I never got the chance to post it. ever since I got this cute floral jacket I had been picturing it with this dress (I didn't even own the dress at the time). I love the combination of the flowers and polka dots and how the tights pick up on the colours in the jacket. although I do think it looked a little better in my head...

then again, in my head holding on to these shoes is completely justified.

playing: zombie- the cranberries 


KaNini's said...

You look so adorable! Love the dress and the blazer is absolutely cute!!

Unknown said...

Those shoes are really cute even though they're painful! I absolutely love that floral jacket though. The little buttons on it are awesome

Lizzy B. said...

Love the shoes. Such a cool heel.