I'm only good at being young

back again in Aberdeen!

it's been a bit of a whirlwind weekend for moi. I always love birthdays. I try to milk mine for all it's worth (my birthdays usually last about a week). and I get really sad when they are disappointing.

thanks to a darling hubby, that wasn't a problem. I had a lovely little party friday night with some marvellous new pals, and I got to wear my new birthday dress!

dress- zara // flats- primark (olddd) // sunglasses- nyc street vendor // clutch- coach // belt- topshop

then Brando and I got up early saturday morning to take the train to Inverness. we stayed in the cutest b&b, ate scrumptious italian food, and took a little tour of Loch Ness. jolly good time!

I'll share more weekend pictures later.
so far, being 24 gets an A+.

playing: the cave- mumford & sons 


Unknown said...

I'm the exact same way with my birthday! It's a week long celebration! Your birthday dress is adorable. I really love the red shoes with it.

Midwest Muse said...

So cute! I love it!

amberly said...

you look beautiful!!! these pictures are stunning and how I've missed your blog :) I hope 24 continues to be amazing - I'm also a 1987 baby!!

Best wishes always!