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ever get in one of those ruts where you wake up, stare into a closet (or floor, in my case) full of clothes, and feel like you have nothing to wear?

I'm in one, and it makes no sense. I think it's just because I haven't bothered unpacking (we're moving to a new apartment in July) and I can never remember what is in each suitcase. also because I've had to leave a lot of stuff behind, or just get rid of it, or it was accidentally forgotten and/or misplaced. it's very hard to put together a complete outfit when you keep recalling you no longer have shoes in that particular colour, etc. 

dress- fr. selective potential // cardigan- walmart // belt- american apparel // tights- joe fresh // shoes- primark

I mostly end up griping about not having any "going out" clothes. it's my own fault, really. I'd much rather spend money on vintage-inspired day dresses and colourful blazers than things that are tight and shiny. I also don't go out that much. 

so on the rare occasion that I do head out for a night on the town, I feel like I'm in one of those ruts. and end up way over-thinking it. luckily I had these heels that are super comfy, and a dress that was a little too fancy for day time. and yes, I had to wear the sweater- it's still cold here.

what is a good "going-out" outfit, anyways? I have no idea. 

I can't wait to move into our new place and buy a nice big wardrobe with lots of hot pink hangers to put all my clothes in. 

and some things like these; 

from decorating insanity

why is furniture like this never available wherever I live? if you live in the States I suggest you snatch one of these beauties up. 

I will have to settle for second-hand ikea. 

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Anonymous said...

my goodness, you look so stunning in that dress!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your dress! The cardigan works so well with it; I would've never thought of pairing that cardigan with that dress, but it works perfectly. I often have those moments of staring into my closet, not knowing what to wear. Sometimes I get frustrated trying to come up with new outfits I haven't worn yet when I know I have quite a few go-to's that I already know look good on me.

PK said...

Your dad has the same problem... staring into my closet and ..... well, you know the rest.
Anyway, don't forget that I said I would pay for a dress or two as long as they were at least knee length.