hat's off to you

it's so ridiculously late right now. but I'm wide awake and determined to share today's outfit with you! take that, REM cycle...

dress- topshop // cardigan- zara // hat, belt, + shoes- primark // tights- american apparel 

I hate how in most photos you can't tell that this belt and these tights are actually light pink. ballet pink, to be exact. much cuter in person, I assure you. 

and this dress is definitely going to be a summer staple. I just love it. 

short & sweet! time for bed. 

playing: bright lights- matchbox 20

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Unknown said...

This outfit is adorable! Your hat is amazing and I love how well it matches your floral print shoes. Cute little dress too; the polka dots and collar on it are great. I can see why it'd be a summer staple!