99 problems...

a while back, I mentioned at the end of a post that one thing I was going to miss about living in Canada was shopping at modcloth.

I have a second thing I'm going to miss.

I love the UK, but the food here SUCKS. and there's so much you just can't get here; bold bbq doritos (*wails dramatically*), kraft dinner, processed (read: non-disgusting) peanut butter... they don't even have junior chickens at mcdonald's!

but the weird part is how hard it is to cook north american recipes. I went to the grocery store today and had to cut my list in half because of the amount of things they just don't use here. examples? chocolate chips, jalapenos, decent bbq sauce, pancake mix, cranberries, chipotles... it keeps going but those are the weirdest. I'm sure the list will continue to grow as I continue to cook.

anyway I just wanted to share that little rant with you.

and now on a totally unrelated note, here is what I wore!

lace bodysuit, pink bodysuit + socks- american apparel // skirt- h&m // shoes- ebay

back to pastels again. and lace! I love this lace bodysuit so much, I've practically worn holes in it already. and I never do that with clothes. I wore it a lot when I worked at AA. 

I kind of built this outfit around the shoes, though. I've been wanting a pair of plain yellow pumps forever, and I was having no luck. I randomly found these on ebay for 5gbp (about $9) and I instantly knew I wanted to pair them with my pink socks. 

the shoes are pretty comfortable, which is great for $9. but they're too darn big! every pair of shoes I own is too big for me! I don't know if my feet shrunk or my shoes stretched or what, but it's impossible to wear heels without ankle straps to hold them on. I don't get it. it's the smallest sizes you can possibly get- 6 US, 3UK- and they fall off my feet. 

oh what's a girl to do?


Angel Garcia said...

Pastels and lace? Love it! Haha I do agree with that you said about the whole food situation, I love the UK but I was there earlier in the year it was hard to find certain things..

All the best, Angel

Unknown said...

That outfit is so super cute! I think I have those AA knee socks, but hardly ever can find anything good to wear them with. The polka dot skirt looks great with your lace top too.

When I was visiting in Scotland I found they have a lot better quality fresh food than most US grocery stores. So maybe start trying to cool from scratch or using more fresh ingredients rather than boxed stuff because it really is tastier. And healthier too!

As for shoes - my sister has a similar problem, but she can find small shoes once in a while. They make US size 5 and I spot it in clearance sections quite frequently. So maybe you'll see it around sometime?