hat's off to you

it's so ridiculously late right now. but I'm wide awake and determined to share today's outfit with you! take that, REM cycle...

dress- topshop // cardigan- zara // hat, belt, + shoes- primark // tights- american apparel 

I hate how in most photos you can't tell that this belt and these tights are actually light pink. ballet pink, to be exact. much cuter in person, I assure you. 

and this dress is definitely going to be a summer staple. I just love it. 

short & sweet! time for bed. 

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home is wherever I'm with you

ever get in one of those ruts where you wake up, stare into a closet (or floor, in my case) full of clothes, and feel like you have nothing to wear?

I'm in one, and it makes no sense. I think it's just because I haven't bothered unpacking (we're moving to a new apartment in July) and I can never remember what is in each suitcase. also because I've had to leave a lot of stuff behind, or just get rid of it, or it was accidentally forgotten and/or misplaced. it's very hard to put together a complete outfit when you keep recalling you no longer have shoes in that particular colour, etc. 

dress- fr. selective potential // cardigan- walmart // belt- american apparel // tights- joe fresh // shoes- primark

I mostly end up griping about not having any "going out" clothes. it's my own fault, really. I'd much rather spend money on vintage-inspired day dresses and colourful blazers than things that are tight and shiny. I also don't go out that much. 

so on the rare occasion that I do head out for a night on the town, I feel like I'm in one of those ruts. and end up way over-thinking it. luckily I had these heels that are super comfy, and a dress that was a little too fancy for day time. and yes, I had to wear the sweater- it's still cold here.

what is a good "going-out" outfit, anyways? I have no idea. 

I can't wait to move into our new place and buy a nice big wardrobe with lots of hot pink hangers to put all my clothes in. 

and some things like these; 

from decorating insanity

why is furniture like this never available wherever I live? if you live in the States I suggest you snatch one of these beauties up. 

I will have to settle for second-hand ikea. 

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sleepless long nights, that is what my youth was for

wow, I guess it's been a while!
sorry for the accidental hiatus- it's been a busy couple of days with very little sleep. but I had a very fun weekend! hope you all did too.

even though I won't get my first paycheck till the end of July (monthly payment? what?) I made my first New Look purchase. it was a dress that was on mega-sale. I started to feel pretty bad wearing outfits from anywhere but New Look, so I thought I should get at least one thing that I liked... the dress actually reminded me of Barcelona!

these photos are from friday night. after working all week for the first time in months, I just wanted to take it easy on the weekend. friday was pretty chill, Brando and I just hung out at home and I'm pretty sure I took a nap right before we went out to get these pictures... I actually think the nighttime photo shoot turned out pretty well! I was skeptical about the lighting, but it doesn't get completely dark here till around 11 anyways. this was at about 10.

dress- new look // tights- we love colors // flats + (old)scarf- primark // hair bow- american apparel 

we spent saturday easting Asda pizza and asparagus, watching Mad Men, and drinking red wine. fantastic. then we went out to meet up with a few friends and had a blast. it was a very good weekend indeed. I need more like this. 

happy monday!

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a penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your insides

it's been a busy day! I don't have much time to post, but I didn't want to leave you with nothing for today...

so I'm sharing a few of my favourite looks right now from lookbook.nu .
I'm a recent lookbooker, but I've taken a lot of inspiration from it already.

I love that this is something I would pick out as everyday-wear, but better. I like the little touches that show how I can add that little something special to an outfit- the contrasting collar, the belt over the sweater. I am also a fan of the magazine-papered walls! 

what can I say, I love floppy hats! and how the patterns and colours work together in this outfit. it's sassy and vibrant, but not crazy. if the shorts weren't so itty-bitty I would definitely wear this whole look.

this lovely lady has quickly become one of my new favourite sources of inspiration! I love everything she wears. everything. this outfit is basically why; pretty, girly prints, pastels, and cute socks. she just always looks so fresh and feminine and lovely. 

this girl has some of the most epic hair I've ever seen. and a cool style to match. kind of 60s mod meets Elizabethan jester. decadent. I love the sheer and the vertical stripes in this look.

amazing florals! definitely won't be a surprise that I love this look, since I've been raving about pastels, mint green, and fairy princesses lately. this girl belongs in a poem. 

definitely one of my favourite fashion bloggers! Valentine is what I envision the quintessential Parisienne to be- dainty and effortlessly chic. this outfit shows a great way to play down a slightly fancy dress for daytime. keep it simple with neutrals, boots, and casual accessories. she's always a perfect picture!

remember to check all these girls out on lookbook if you haven't already!

the one sort-of issue I do have with sites like these are the types of pictures that always get "top rated" or "hot" or "most hype," what-have-you. yes, they are always beautiful pictures with beautiful people.  but is that all that style is about?

I have not seen one girl who could be more than a size 4 on the lookbook "hot" page. I have also seen many nice, but not spectacular, outfits get high ratings because of a cool photo location or editing. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with any of this, but it kind of makes me wonder what exactly is being appreciated.

I know that fashion is intrinsically linked to art, and subsequently photography. and I love seeing beautiful photos of model-esque ingenues on any style-sharing site. but I thought these sites were for inspiring people to feel good about themselves and celebrate their love of fashion. sometimes it seems like they could make someone feel pretty bad.

it probably sounds like I'm just bitter or jealous or whatever. but I'm not. maybe a little envious, but we'd all like to be praised and flattered and appreciated sometimes and I'm not trying to hide that. I just don't think any online community should give the impression that you'll only reach the top if you have impossibly slender legs and walk around in 6-inch heels all the time. it's not realistic, and kind of sets an impossible standard.

obviously as I'm a member of lookbook, chictopia, and weardrobe this doesn't bother me enough to stop going there and participating. but it does make me wonder if this community of online fashion, which as far as I can tell started off to encourage every-day fashionistas, is heading in the direction of other mass media; portraying a certain "image" and not a sense of personal style.

just a thought. :)
and it doesn't make these looks any less lovely.

play a love game

this past weekend was the Scottish Highland Games in Aberdeen. yes, it really is like you picture; large men in skirts, throwing heavy things. that's the gist of it.

we met up with some friends and walked around a little and hid from the rain. it was cold, but fun!

there were LOTS of people wearing kilts and playing the bagpipes. and a guy carving bears with a chainsaw(not quite sure what that has to do with anything...). and little Scottish fling dancers that I didn't get a picture of... I say little because they were children. not because they were midgets. or little people. 
moving on. 
and I got to hold a barn owl! CUTE.

I wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion, I guess. considering it rained, and most people there were wearing jeans. but when do I ever dress for the occasion, really?

dress- h&m // tights- american apparel // cardigan- primark // shoes- aldo

a few notes on these pictures:

1. I must say I'm quite dismayed at my recent tendency in photos to not have a chin... what has happened to it? I've stopped eating fast food, chin, now you have to stick around. otherwise I'm becoming one of those people whose faces are just extensions of their neck. 

2. sorry about the stain on my knee. I was kneeling in wet grass to get a photo. 

3. I really need some new american apparel tights. I love them. they're expensive, but by far my favourite. I love welovecolors too, but it seems like their darker colours aren't as stretchy as the pastels. and since I've put on a few pounds in the thigh area they're getting a little...fall-downish. maybe I should just spring for the microfibre kind and give them a go? either way I have far too few colours left in my hosiery collection.

that's all from me! I'm a working lady now so I have to get to bed at a sensible hour. meaning before 4am. 

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summer dreams

tomorrow I officially start my new job. while that's good news enough, I'm excited to share something else with you lovelies... I'm already planning my first vacation!

Brando and I are going to Barcelona & Marrakesh in August! I'm so excited I almost pee my pants every time I think about it. I've never been to Spain and I've always heard it was beautiful, and Morocco sounds so exotic. I finally get to go somewhere warm for a change!

I can't wait to spend all day at the beach, eat in outdoor cafes, sip cheap champagne, ride a camel, buy a carpet, shop in the market.... it all sounds so wonderful right now.

of course I'm already picturing what I'll be wearing at all these activities. and while I have plenty of perfectly good clothes to pack, I couldn't help dreaming up a little wishlist of things that would be amazing for the trip...

the perfect summer maxi dress. I tried this beauty on in the store for fun one day, and I am absolutely in love with it. it's so gorgeous and ethereal and flattering. perfect with a floppy hat for walking along the beach.

the floppy hat! sun protection, and so cute!

pretty patterned tunics. wear with leggings for desert adventures!

for obvious reasons. this has got to be the cutest retro swimsuit ever.

so adorable. I can definitely picture myself site-seeing in this beauty. 

fun sandals, to add a little bling to the beach or the medina!

I've been wanting a corset-style top foreverrr. I really want a floral one, but this one has definitely charmed me. 

another amazing maxi dress, because one of something good is never enough!

a lightweight, mint green vintage dress. <3

brightly coloured harem pants- comfortable and stylish, and not to scandalous for camel-riding...

I'm just in love with this skirt. light + flowy + goes with everything. everything.

have I mentioned my new obsession with irregular choice shoes? these darlings would be perfect for trotting around cafes.

to wear with high-waisted red shorts & big sunglasses.

I've tried to find great pleated pants a thousand places, but no one beats american apparel for fitting me. these minty linen trousers are light enough for summer.

no beach, no matter how far from Hawaii, is complete without a hawaiian print.

a vintage slip to wear under sheer summer dresses.

billowy sleeves for when you need to be covered...

vintage luggage to carry it all in!

1. monsoon
2. asos
3. monsoon // topshop
4. ruche
5. modcloth
6. new look (both)
7. modcloth
8. monsoon (they have the most spectacular dresses)
9. etsy
10. h&m
11. asos
12. irregular choice
13. topshop
14. american apparel
15. modcloth
16. etsy
17. asos
18. libbystory.com

of course, taking the trip usually means not much cash leftover to do pre-trip shopping with! I'm sure I'll survive. :)
I can't WAIT.


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