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fear not, sweet blogosphere, I have returned!

I've been reading over my blogroll for the past week or so before getting started up again, and I must say, I missed you guys. and I'm definitely ready to get back into this blog, for real.

a lot has changed since my last entry! let's see, I got husband moved to Scotland...I got kicked out of Scotland... and now I ACTUALLY live there. so yeah I've had a lot going on. hopefully you can forgive my neglect based on the insane stress of planning a wedding on my own and trying to move to another country.

I'm planning on sharing some photos from the amazing wedding photographers as soon as I can sort through them all. I figure a girl's wedding day is her ultimate style blog post! but for now I have my first outfit post from Aberdeen, Scotland.

dress - Forever 21
tights- Primark
bow- American Apparel
shoes- Primark

apparently I was feeling very French despite just arriving in the UK. I got this dress on one of my many cross-Canada trips to try and get my visa (wan wan). people say horizontal stripes aren't flattering, but the dress was comfy and cozy and I think a belt makes it as flattering as most things! 

I've been really liking the look of side chignons lately, but alas, my hair seems too fine. I love the idea of having long hair for a while, but honestly I feel like I might just give up and go back to short. it's so easy!

but I'm sure of all things that have been going on one you are least curious about is my thoughts on hair length. so let's keep this short and sweet for now! till next time. 


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Evie said...

Yayyy! Sarah's back! My wardrobe ideas were getting so drab. I need you for inspiration :) And congrats on tying the knot. You looked beautiful (as always!)