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what a jolly good weekend the hubs and I had! if there's one thing people know about me it's that I love to travel, and Brandon is always up for it. and London is one of our favourite places to visit.

we've been there several times before, but it just doesn't lose its charm. this time we only had a short trip, so we were selective about what we wanted to do. of course shopping was at the top of my list (re: last post!), then on Saturday we did some fun touristy things.

first we went to St. Paul's Cathedral- which is breathtakingly beautiful, as always- and climbed riiight to the top. Brandon hadn't done it before; it's 528 stairs to the top. needless to say my calves are still aching. but the view was fantastic.

then we went to one of our favourite spots to spend the afternoon- the Tower of London. it's where I indulge and even encourage my inner cheesy tourist. I love the Yeoman tours. informative AND funny! it's like hanging with Dr. Reid! (Criminal Minds reference...) and there's so many amazing historical sites   within those walls. 
dress- H&M
blazer- American Apparel
tights- American Apparel
boots- Charlotte Russe
flower barettes- H&M

to top off the day, we went to an Eric Clapton concert that I bought Brandon tickets for this past Christmas. while it was mostly a Brandon thing, I did really enjoy the show. the dude's got mad guitar skills. it was impressive, to say the least!

(not the best picture we took, but it's my fave! love the light)

all in all, a very pleasant first trip. many more to come, thanks to cheap European travel options! so exciting. 

playing: Khaki Dodgers- Matthew Hornell & the Diamond Minds 

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amberly said...

I've heard nothing but good things about London! I can't wait to visit someday :) And thats so awesome about the tours being informative and funny, and its so great you can share such adventures together with your hubby!