one of those days

sometimes I feel like I'm having a harder time adjusting to life in Scotland than I expected...

yesterday, for instance, I was a bit of a gloomy gus. I feel like lately I've been having a lot of those days where nothing seems to work out like you wanted. Brandon says I'm a drama queen.

anyway I didn't particularly like my outfit for a multitude of reasons. I got this new skirt at Topshop on sale, and it was one of those things that you try on and makes you feel just awesome in the dressing room; not so much when you're home, moving around it in. the short lining kept riding up really high (like, indecent exposure high).

and am I the only girl in the world who HATES when her thighs rub together while walking? how do you people deal with not wearing tights??

also, I think I may have to get rid of these shoes. I looove them, but they are so not comfortable. my feet started to hurt after like 5 minutes of wearing them. it's strange because I usually find seychelles very easy to walk in. and is it just me, or does it look weird that the peep toes...don't show my toes?

blouse- vintage fr. Etsy // skirt- Topshop // socks- we love colors // earrings- vintage // booties- Seychelles fr. modcloth

ever go through a weird time of change and feel like you hate everything you own? right now that's me. especially with shoes. whadya think, are these keepers? how often do you have to wear a pair of heels before they're slightly comfortable?

heels and I have such a love/hate relationship. 

well, after all that complaining, I do love the colours in this outfit. I think the perfect name for it is "granny smith." because let's be honest, I'm kinda digging the old lady look here. also I'm wearing green. hehe. 

enough rambling! hopefully tomorrow's outfit treats me better. :)
love love.

playing: Atmosphere- John Mayer


KaNini's said...

Absolutely in love with your blouse! Love how you paired it to that skirt! Great look!
xx, K.

Mischel double W said...

amazing look! i love it, so vintage <3 im your new follower, you are anytime welcome on my blog too :)

Unknown said...

so divine...I saw this on chictopia and you look amazing xxx