my little ponies

yesterday I did a little more exploring of Aberdeen. Brando and I went to a multicultural fair in the park with some friends. it wasn't the most...exceptional exhibition of community organization, let's say. but it was fun nonetheless.

we walked by the river, found a cool greenhouse with plants from around the world, and I wore my new cape! who doesn't love a new, bought-in-sale spring cape?

dress- gift, fr. primark // cape- topshop // belt, tights, cardigan- american apparel // boots- Christmas present, aldo
(it's a venus fly trap, WITH A FLY INSIDE. egads! you can see the shadow.)

there's just something about a dress with a lace peter pan collar and a pony print that makes me giddy. 
and ohmygod. I totally just noticed it's unicorns. EVEN BETTER. 

playing: bad romance- Lady Gaga (yes, I still love this song)


Unknown said...

Such a cool spring cape! I love your horse print dress with the cute peter pan collar too. The cardigan looks great belted over it.

KaNini's said...

That's such an adorable dress! Love the cape as well. The whole look is too cute! :)
xx, K.