the little things

hello again, lovelies!

while today I did not once leave the apartment or barely got out of bed (it was gloriously uneventful), yesterday I managed to pry myself from dvd watching and blog surfing long enough to go out.

and although we kinda forgot at the time, it happened to be mine and Brando's two-month anniversary. so it's nice know... left the house together.

dress- fr. splurge, an aptly named local shop in Halifax // blazer- h&m // belt, tights- american apparel // scarf- gift // shoes- fr. twisted sisters, a local shop in St. John's // bag- costa blanca

we had a lovely evening that included jaunts on a double-decker bus, red wine, and The Hangover II. nothing to class up a night like booze and Bradley Cooper.

married life = regular life.
c'est la vie, et c'est bon.

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