I see the light and I'm ready to be out in it

I've been too busy hopping continents to notice or particularly care that spring has sprung... I guess really it's almost summer now. but that's not to say that I don't enjoy the thought of some sunshine.

after how gloomy I've been the past few months, I'll take a little sunshine, one way or another.

spending copious amounts of time on airplanes and fighting with a government to let you be with your newlywed husband is mentally and physically exhausting, to say the least. it's nice to be in a place that seems cheery, and peaceful, and foreign. I haven't been in Aberdeen long, but it feels lighter somehow. I guess it's a fresh start.

as much as I know I'll miss St. John's and my dear friends- as much as I do already- I know I needed to get away from the ball of stress I've been since before Christmas. and I love the UK. if you haven't been here, you should come. gimme a call. we'll put you up.

dress- Modcloth
tights- American Apparel 
shoes- Aldo
bag- Costa Blanca
belt- Outfit 

(the closer-up picture is of me trying to figure out what was falling into my hair constantly, which you can probably tell in other pictures! the trees were shedding seeds or petals or something. we couldn't really capture it on camera, but it looked pretty when a bunch fell at once. very Japanese-samurai-movie-like.)

this belt was my first purchase in Aberdeen. I had to move, oh, about four times really, and so at one point I had stuff (read; clothes) scattered everywhere from St. John's to Grand Falls to Scotland. so as you can imagine much has gone MIA. 

one item of such was my favourite belt, which cost about $1.99 at  Value Village, but had much greater sentimental value. for no reason other than it went with absolutely everything. long story...well, long... I decided to buy a surrogate while I wait for it to return. I do think it's pretty cute anyways. 

and first on the list of things I'm going to miss about North America: Modcloth. shipping to the UK is a disasterrrr. 


playing: Yer Spring- Hey Rosetta! (listen to it. do it.)

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