season's greetings

it's always a little sad when Christmas is over. and it happened far too quickly this year. luckily I still have tons of photos to go through and lots of potential Christmas blog posts to make! including one on the last couple days of our London trip.

the markets were so much fun! even permanent ones, like the Portabello Road market (my personal fave for the fascinating antiques section) exuded holiday cheer. I picked up some antique trinkets to make necklaces for my friends. Camden market was crazy as usual, and I found a great vintage shop and handmade jewellery stands to pick up a couple gifts- for others and myself! 

if we ever lived in London I know I'd spend so much time at the markets. 

of course we had to visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. we didn't have much need of the Christmas market by then, but it was fun to look around. and we got poffertjes!! little Dutch pancakes with powdered sugar and butter. the most delicious things. 

we didn't get to see Santa, though. he kept eluding us the whole trip. crafty fellow.

when it got colder (and we started to run short on money!) we visited the Victoria & Albert museum. I hadn't been there for a few years anyways, and it was free! I'd definitely recommend it if you're visiting London. it's a museum of art and design, so it's filled with beautiful furniture and old clothes. lots of lovely things. 

London was a great way to kick off Christmas. and it was a wonderful Christmas! I'll definitely be sharing more of it here. but for now I'm moving on to New Year's festivities! 

have a good one.

happy holidays

~ . ~
a very merry Christmas...

from the whole clan! 
can't wait to share all my holiday adventures with you. 
I'm having a fantastic time. ♥
~ . ~

Christmastime in the city

hey everybody!

so as you might have guessed there was a slight change of plans in the whole "posting from London" idea. basically internet at the hotel turned out to be painfully slow (as most public connections are) and not necessarily free.

so hubs and I are back in Aberdeen, frantically preparing to fly back to Canada tomorrow! I'm so excited I could burst, while I'm not exactly looking forward to the 17 hour trip... my deportation story has kind of left me scarred when it comes to long-range air travel.

in the meantime, I do have some cheery photos from our quick London vacation to share with you!

all these were taken on friday,which was a lovely and busy day. first we went to Covent Garden to check out the market and get a sugar rush. then it was off to the South bank Christmas market, which was very festive indeed. we're big market fans, Brando and I. 

we hit up the famous Harrod's department store (where we could not get in to see Santa without buying tickets and facing stares of judgement) before going to The Nutcracker. I usually see The Nutcracker in St. John's every year, but the English National Ballet was a fine substitute. 

hopefully the internet in the airports tomorrow won't be too horrendous, so I can post pictures from the rest of the trip. to be honest, there weren't a lot of photo ops since we mostly browsed markets and just walked around in lieu of the usual sightseeing. but it really put me in the Christmas spirit! 

happy holidays everyone! see you on the flip side (of the ocean...)

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it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

hey everybody!
I hope you're all getting yer holidaze on. Brando and I are getting in the spirit in Londontown.

I especially enjoy the occasional lego tree. 
and since this is the slowest internet I've ever used, I'll leave it at that!
love love. 

what about breakfast at Tiffany's?

I went to my first holiday party this weekend! sunday was the staff Christmas night out at New Look. everyone went out for a little food and drinks. it was pretty jolly, and since the holiday festivities are in full swing, here's another outfit inspiration from one of Hollywood's leading ladies.

probably the style icon you were all expecting, up next it's Audrey Hepburn! one of my personal favourites, and one of the most iconic of them all.

while she's most certainly best known for that slinky black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey was constantly a vision of style and loveliness. she single-handedly changed Hollywood's pin-hole view of beauty as being just the sexy bombshell type. she was a slender, doe-eyed pixie, often described and the polar opposite of fellow starlet Marilyn Monroe.

Aundrey's style is the epitome of classic glamour. sleek, elegant, feminine, and just a little playful, she wowed in everything from Givenchy ball gowns to cigarette jeans. she was all about the silhouette. Audrey often choose straight, modest necklines that emphasized the neck and shoulders, and full, flowy skirts. this was to show off her svelte figure and add drama at the same time. she was understated yet quirky, and liked sweet prints in sophisticated cuts.

Audrey was always stunning, no matter what she wore. she had so many famous, iconic looks that it is impossible to think of Audrey and not see exactly what she is wearing. she embodied true Hollywood glamour, and carried it off with effortless grace and humility. a leading lady indeed. 

instead of simply picking a string of black, Breakfast-at-Tiffany's dresses, I thought I'd draw from Audrey's more fun wardrobe for party inspiration. 

up the glam with minimal, but bold accessories- especially a statement necklace

I think dressing like Audrey Hepburn every day should be a personal aspiration of just about everyone. the world would be a better looking place. 

I'm sorry I've been a posting slacker. I really had planned updates for almost every day in December- cause let's be real, it's the greatest month ever-  but things have been much busier than I expected! Brando and me are taking off for London on thursday to do our Christmas shopping and enjoy Christmastime in the city. I'm pretty freakin' excited. AND this time we're staying in a real hotel, which means internet, which means you will be blessed with an abundance of holiday-themed photos while we're away. so there's something too look forward to! 

now if you'll excuse me, I have some packing + planning to do. later!

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I want to break free

hello again, friends!

I'm just popping in for a quick post before bedtime, as I am plum tuckered out (I always liked that phrase). this week hasn't necessarily been any busier than most, but I'm starting to get a little fatigued anyway. lame, I know. imagine what it would be like if I had a real job. I think it's just that the great things to come are making the days seem longer. :)

but on to outfit, before I fall asleep on this keyboard.

dress- american apparel // headband- postlapsaria // tights- h&m // shoes- primark

I feel like some of these pictures look as if I were trying to be sultry, or some other synonym to that effect...  I assure you I was not. I was just cold. it has gotten very cold here.  

there's something about this outfit I don't quite like... I love LOVE the dress. but I don't think this look is how I would really wear it best. I think maybe it's the hair, makes it look too overdone! 

but, the dress is still fab. and I've actually worn it a lot, it's a great purchase. I was thinking about using it as one of my Christmas party dresses, but I don't have any set plans just yet. even if all plans should involve velvet, somehow. 

ok, that's it from me for now. 'night!

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c'est la vie

it snowed here in Aberdeen today. it wasn't the softly falling, nice-to-walk-in snow, but there it was, nonetheless. it's getting more wintery every day.

the cold is making it increasingly challenging to dress for outfit pictures. I don't really want to wander around alone in the bad weather then set up my tripod, remove all my outerwear, and stand freezing while people stare at me like I'm an idiot. not appealing.

but I'm hoping I'll come up with a solution soon. and for those of you who might be having more specific wardrobe issues, I have some more party wear ideas!

I thought I'd share a little inspiration from French hottie Brigitte Bardot. she was such a spirited beauty, and her look inspired modern-day fashion mavericks like Kate Moss and Georgia Jagger. also, she had great hair.

Brigitte Bardot was the coquette of the silver screen- and I don't mean just because she was French. she was Hollywood sex kitten mixed with European-farmer's-daughter. sweet and sexy at the same time, with her famous tousled mane and coy smile. 

Brigitte was best known for what little clothes she wore; she was known as "the bikini girl" and had no problems posing or appearing in the nude. but when she was dressed, she knew how to enhance her Lolita-esque persona with the clothing to match.

Brigitte knew what she liked and stuck with it. the Bardot neckline- wide, off-the-shoulder- was named for her, and she single-handedly made gingham chic with her pink checked wedding dress. the important things to remember when dressing like Brigitte are waist-cinching belts, cutesy patterns, and just enough bare skin. 

Brigitte's style matched her personality; playful, provincial, and eclectic. she was equal parts girly and sensual. but the most important thing you'll need to pull off her signature look is that feisty attitude!

Brigitte's look was more about the "French riviera" than "Hollywood bash", so many dresses one might choose to emulate her might not necessarily be season appropriate. not to fear; just throw on a trendy fur stole and some dark tights, and even florals can work at your holiday soiree!

things to remember about Brigitte style; minimal accessories, and flats whenever possible!

doesn't this totally make you want to be a French girl?
just me then.


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Doctor, Doctor

so by any chance, do any of you bloggers love Doctor Who?
cause I sure freaking do.

it has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it is certainly worth mentioning.
(I just watched like a million episodes in a row.)
start watching it. you will get to make so many cool references that only fellow whovians will understand. it's like being in a club.

dress (as skirt)+ belt- gift // sweater- topshop // tights- american apparel // boots- seychelles

you may recognize this sweater from my Christmas wishlist (probably not, though).
a while after making my list I was browsing Topshop, and it was on mega-sale! 10 quid. of course I had to treat myself. I cannot resist a cute peter pan collar these days.

tomorrow's another extra-early rise for work, so I suppose that makes it bedtime for me. just one more week till I get to fully immerse myself in Christmasy goodness. if only I had a TARDIS and could just skip on ahead to the good part...

see, if you were whovians you'd get that.

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