it changes when the sun goes down around here

I'm not doing so well at sticking with projects lately- must be the nearing holidays! but I'll get to all that excellent, jolly goodness later; right now I just have time to share a few photos.

hopefully that's enough to keep you interested for a little while longer!

dress- Mango
tights- Smart Set
bow hair clip- American Apparel
boots- fr. Modcloth

nothing like a chilly sunset at Signal Hill to kick off an awesome weekend. 

playing: Swing the Cellar Door- Hey Rosetta!


Unknown said...

Such a cute dress, you look lovely as per usual c: x

Jen Hsieh said...

the lighting in these photos is absolutely gorgeous! i love these shots of you :)

Unknown said...

These photos are beautiful!

Daisy said...

Pretty dress and such lovely photos!

amberly said...

Your hair is stunning!! I want that bow! :) Are you still liking AA?

These photos are gorgeous, you're so blessed to watch the sunset in such a beautiful surrounding. I LOVE the longer blazer with the dress! And those boots are superb.

Lately I've been messing with red, white, brown and black color combo. This white blazer, with a black tee, brown/camel skirt, black tights and red booties would be cute!!

Hope you did have an awesome weekend! And happy holiday season!

Kyla said...

Amazing pictures! I love the lighter blazer over the plaid dress. This is such a fantastic combo. I must get a blazer like that!