dreaming of a white Christmas

rain rain, go away!

it hasn't stopped raining here for over a week. it's kind of depressing! I would much rather snow, especially so close to Christmas.

snow would also make it easier to take outfit pictures. pouring rain and ugly grey surroundings is very uninspiring; I have no motivation to go out in the wet, cold street at 8am with a camera and a tripod.

I tried some indoor shots, which also didn't work out so well. but I tried! at least you get a glimpse of my decorating?

dress- H&M; Christmas gift
tights- H&M
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
boots- Seychelles fr. Modcloth

pretty kitty! I think he secretly wants to be on camera. he doesn't usually pay this much attention to me. 

this gorgeous dress was my first Christmas present! (hi Caitlinnn) I love the bird print! so cool and unexpected. and whimsical, which is a quality I've been liking a lot lately (ie, Alice in Wonderland necklaces). I like that it's light enough for summer but kind of a wintery print... which is why I thought it would look good with a heavy knit sweater.

I think I'll be sending the sweater back, though. I like everything about it, and it's super cozy, but in the picture it looked RED and not... burgundy. I already have a burgundy cardigan that I like very much! plus, this one is huuuuge. maybe a size smaller, and in green, would do nicely. and don't worry, I only wore the sweater for these pictures, then took it off, so I'm not wearing & returning!

I want to talk about my adorable new shoes too, but I'm tired and I've already written too much. I'll try to be more interesting very soon! 

right now, sleep sounds better. 
goodnight. maybe tomorrow it won't be raining. :)

playing: White Christmas- Bing Crosby

Santa baby...

well, since there's a mere TEN DAYS to go before Christmas, I thought it might be time to post a little holiday wish list. you know, in case any of you wanted to get me something.

I can't believe Christmas is so soon! it really snuck up on me this year. usually I start counting down the days in November, but this fall has been so hectic I just... don't feel like I enjoyed the Christmas countdown to its fullest. 

I did manage to decorate my apartment, have a couple wrapping parties, watch a bunch of Christmas movies, and drink about a million eggnog lattes. 

this year I had trouble thinking of things to put on my wish list because, well, so much is happening! there's the wedding, then moving to Scotland, so there's plenty of money to be spent... but nothing present-y. that combined with the fact that my parents like to tell me everything they are getting me made for a kind of random wish list this year. 

here we go!

1. a jewellery stand
simple, yet very desirable! I really need a better system for organizing my jewellery than throwing it in an old gift box. and look how pretty! this one from Modcloth is my favourite.

2. MAC eyeshadow palette
I realize it's hard to customize your own palette when it's a gift, but I am dying for some more MAC eyeshadow. we thought a MAC stand had opened up in the mall here and I almost peed my pants. it was a false alarm though- on the MAC, and the pee.

3. Seychelles romance booties

a shoe addiction is a terrible vice to have. I've been dying for a couple pairs of Seychelles forever, but of course shipping to Canada is a mint (luckily I found my way around that one temporarily! but more on that later...). these babies are one of my favourites. 

4. records
who doesn't appreciate the gift of music? I'm sick of downloading albums (plus it's like, officially illegal now...) and records have audio AND aesthetic value. win-win for me and the law!

5. We Love Colors tights

I am always in need of more tights. and the ones I ordered last time are funny; a couple pairs aren't the same quality as the rest. hmm. it's about time I got a few more. 

6. Alice in Wonderland necklace
or pretty much any cute, whimsical necklace. I love getting jewellery as a gift, especially when it's vintage-inspired. 

7. dvd box sets
the place I'm moving into for the remainder of my St. John's living doesn't have cable, and Brando and I decided we aren't going to pay for it in the UK. I need something substantial to fulfil my tv fix; tops on the list are seasons of Friends, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Modern Family, CSI, and How I Met Your Mother. (we have all of Big Bang and The Office on the external hard drive already.)

8. Tiffany pearls
last year my big-ticket item was a Chanel bag. I still want that, haha. but this year I've been swooning over pearls of all sorts. and something about them being from Tiffany&Co. is so freaking swanky. probably won't be getting these, but that's why it's called a wish list!

getting presents is always exciting, but I love giving gifts too; my friends and I had mini-Christmas last night and I got some really awesome stuff, but it was so much fun to see them open their presents! I was so excited. I wish I could be with all my friends for the holidays. 

Christmas wish list item #9, perhaps. 

love love!

it changes when the sun goes down around here

I'm not doing so well at sticking with projects lately- must be the nearing holidays! but I'll get to all that excellent, jolly goodness later; right now I just have time to share a few photos.

hopefully that's enough to keep you interested for a little while longer!

dress- Mango
tights- Smart Set
bow hair clip- American Apparel
boots- fr. Modcloth

nothing like a chilly sunset at Signal Hill to kick off an awesome weekend. 

playing: Swing the Cellar Door- Hey Rosetta!