what a feelin'

my favourite thing from the 80s is the film. I'm sorry, but the decade didn't have much else that interests me. maybe a little glam rock here and there, some Bon Jovi in particular, but mostly the movies rule; from John Hughes, to Tom Cruise before the crazy.

my favourite has to be Dirty Dancing. in the tenth grade I watched it every day after school. I loved the dancing, the romance, the music, the whole cheesy thing. after Dirty Dancing I always wanted to fall in love at summer camp and learn ballroom... I can still do one of those!

skirt- American Apparel
top- Modcloth
belt- Chinese Laundry
tights- we love colors
shoes- Aldo

this is two decades in a row for these tights; not too shabby hehe. I dunno, I'm having trouble finding specific pairs lately, so I just went with the first matching bright colour! 

I've said before that I'm not a fan of 80s fashion; I don't understand how women went from swinging dresses and sweater sets to neon spandex. but when I saw this skirt at the store I thought, maybe there are aspects that are cool in small doses... like pink denim skirts. and side ponies. and oversized sweatshirts. 

when I first got this shirt I couldn't wait to wear it with an abundance of pink shades. I saw Jessica's version on What I Wore and I just loved the combination. it's really the cutest top, it's too bad I couldn't get photos outside in better light. 

I guess this means there's one day left of my dressing for the decades idea! it took a tad longer than expected... but it was fun on the days I could do it! having something specific to dress for makes choosing outfits so much easier. 

and now I'm going to go watch Cloverfield on tv, because it's been distracting me this whole time! seems interesting. and it's ok to stay up late tonight because of that extra hour of sleep. :)

playing: Swing the Cellar Door- Hey Rosetta!

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Evie said...

I have a few random questions for you:

1. I wanted to order off welovecolors.com and i knew you have like every tight pair of creation from that site.. but i'm wondering what is the best type of tights to buy.. i wanted just plain, opague ones, but there's a 12.50 pair and an 8 dollar pair.. is the 12.50 pair actually that much better?

2. for sizing with tights on welovecolors.com, i wanted to have the size medium since i'm less than 160 lbs, buttt it only goes up to 5'6'' and i'm 5'7''.i'm wondering if i should get the "tall" pair, but i'm afraid they will be too big .. eep

3. last question, i promise.. so i ordered three skirts on AA website, one is striped (a girl in your halloween journal has it on), and i'm just wondering the fit of them.. normally i take a medium, so i ordered the m/l option because i didn't have a medium option.. haha is it going to be a huge make??

haha sorry to be a pain :P