this train don't stop there

and here I am again!

I took advantage of having a late shift at work and got a few pictures in the rare sunshine.
Brandon noted how this old train might be good for a little photo shoot while driving around downtown. it's just part of the Railway Coastal museum, but hey, trains are pretty cool. I think it worked out quite nicely! even though my outfit really doesn't go with the old-timey train theme... I feel like I should be wearing a classy trench coat and curls.

dress- American Apparel
tights- American Apparel
boots- Forever 21

so this is a typical work outfit. well, really all that's typical about it is that it's all American Apparel... I didn't get to wear the boots- no boots allowed. eek.

even I have to admit this is not the most flattering dress in the world when taking outfit photos. but it's cute in person, I swear. and the tights are awesome, yes?

gripe how I may about AA stifling my creativity, some of their stuff is super cute. and with a sizeable discount, who am I to complain?

playing: Teenage Dream- Katy Perry (kinda addicted to this song)


JMay said...

What awesome pics by the train, love!!!

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

Those tights are awesome. I always love tights with a cool pattern!

Lisa said...

Lolovely piccies can i do a feature on you at my blog ? Email me there.

Lisa xo

Anonymous said...

I love your tights, and how your lippy ties in with the pink. Gorgeous! x