it was a mooonster mash!

I'm interrupting my dressing by decade for something other than bad time management; halloween!

I wore two costumes to work this week, dressed entirely in AA garb; I was the Riddler on thursday, but unfortunately wasn't able to get a picture. then yesterday I was a doll! I borrowed a petticoat and everything. it was super funny walking around the mall looking like this afterward (if the picture was closer you'd see that my makeup was actually crazy).

also yesterday, my friend Caitlin had a little pre-Mardis Gras costume party, and I dressed as Hit Girl from Kick Ass! (yes, that's two costumes- and three showers- in one day.) here in St. John's we have our Mardis Gras on Halloween. everyone gets on their best costumes then heads downtown to George St., where $20 pays your cover for the whole street and the gazillion bars on it. I didn't make it down this time, but if you don't really understand what I'm talking about maybe you can google it or something, haha.

I was really happy with my Hit Girl! right up to the last minute I thought I wasn't going to be able to pull it off- I couldn't find a purple wig OR a suitable plaid skirt. then, as I conceded defeat and went back to American Apparel to buy the petticoat and go as a doll, I remembered we had gotten a plaid skirt in that morning. a quick trip around the mall and I found some purple spray hair dye, and voila! I got to be Hit Girl after all.

Hit Girl- me
Robot from outer space- Greg
Blossom- Janet
Blues Bro. Jake- Geoff
dead golfer- Genvieve

happy halloween!!

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