I'll be there for you...

today's post could appropriately be called the end of an era. it's the 90s! the most horrible decade ever.

ok, so maybe that statement is a little drastic, but come on. 90s fashion was the ugliest, most unflattering clothing of all time. it's comical. even worse than the 80s because everyone dressed like they were 70 years old.

I always swore I'd never, ever wear 90s-inspired garb. but inevitably... the florals and plaid won me over. one day I woke up and saw dozens of floral patterned dresses in my closet and realized the 90s had snuck in somehow.

dress- Topshop
shirt- Walmart
hat- Modcloth
tights- Smart Set
shoes- vintage

today's outfit was very Blossom-inspired. remember Blossom?? she had crazy 90s clothes. but I used to think she was so cool! 

to sum up, florals + denim shirt + hat + loafers = complete 90s transformation. 

today was so sunny and warm and beautiful. I wish all autumn would be like today! the weather's supposed to keep for another week, so I'm hoping to get some more pretty pictures while the winter is at bay. I really don't know what I'm going to do once we get piles of snow!

for now I'll just take advantage of the blue skies.

playing: Say- John Mayer


Evie said...

You tottally have to do a 20's outfit.. might as well..sparkles and sequins, hair flowers, scarfs worn as belts, ballet flats, bootcut jeans, etc.. haha

Tony said...

I've asked in conversation before, now that it's 2010, if we'd talk about 90s fashion/music the way we talked about the 80s for the entirety of the last decade.
...And I'm pretty sure I've done it in my blog, too. Funny how that works. haha

Sarah K. said...

I already did the 20s! it was the first one. :)

Anonymous said...

i used to love blossom! honestly, this outfit is too cute, it doesn't have those crazy nineties neons or hightops or tacky jewelry so really, you did no fashion crimes at all. Very chic, in fact :) I still love the eighties but the nineties did have a lot great things in my mind. xx

Jen Hsieh said...

haha the ninety's are hilarious but i love it anyway! the denim goes great with this floral dress, you look so lovely :)