hanging out, down the street

aaand we're on to the 70s!
lots of good things are from the 70s. the Eagles. afros. Jack Nicholson movies. and wrap dresses.
as you can see, my outfit was mostly inspired by the last one.

dress- Modcloth
boots- Forever 21
necklace- Modcloth

there are so many styles to choose from in the 70s, but after wearing this dress a couple weeks ago I knew it was my perfect look for the decade. it's super comfortable and the pattern is crazy cool. I was kind of having trouble figuring out what to wear with it because it's so long and the pattern is so bold, but I just went with one contrasting colour and neutral shoes. 

I also have turquoise-line eyes, but I guess you can't see that so well...

I guess I only have two decades of outfits left! then I'll have to come up with something new for the blog. it's been hard sticking to this, though, because I wear all American Apparel six days a week...and of course the decreasing hours of daylight doesn't help! how do all you blogger girls do this everyday?! 

oh oh! I do have some interesting news though. I'd like to introduce you to our newest roomie...

meet Gilbur! he likes to chill in the fridge (hehe) and chase mice and sleep on my neck. 
I'm a fan. 

and now, I have to clean my room. because maaaan, it is messy.

playing: Rome- Phoenix 


E said...

gorgeous dress! the colours are great. and your new kitty is so cute!


JMay said...

You are the cutest thing ever! Love the outfit!

amberly said...

These pictures are great :) You are so lovely and beautiful!! Love the ModCloth dress, I thought it was vintage :) Also, you finally got a little mouse-catcher!! hehe, He is so cute!! Maybe next challenge take animal prints and wear the colors (like black and white for zebra, or orange/brown for a lion? or black and brown for your kitty??) Haha crazy but an idea :)